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Is OPPO losing it's way?
when did oppo ever make a $1200 universal sound as good as a $4k sacd player ?lol 
New Vinyl or Old Vinyl ?
steve;forget the audiophool editions including the ridiculous uhqrearly uk ftw.emi100, even the 30th anniversary before any mofi. 
Well Tempered V's VPI Super Scout Master Sign
zombie thread revival.i was also an original well tempered owner and found it was pretty much set and terms of build quality the old tables beat the new chinese made ones hands down. 
Do you think audiophiles are the most gullible hobbyists
health nuts are the worse !the kooky, off-the-wall and plain stupid stuff that health nuts go for make even the most hardcore audiphool seem grounded. 
How are 'Best Of' compilation albums mastered?
the easy way to create a compilation is to digitise exception is paul simon's negotiations and love roy halee hand assembled all the cuts in analogue, the result is a superb sounding set that often sounds better than t... 
Is New Vinyl Exempt from Loudness Wars?
lots of new vinyl has been dynamically massaged and sound worse for, the various led zepp re-issuesthe new beatles 1+ vinyl 
Vintage DD turntables. Are we living dangerously?
definitely living dangerously...a good friend has a technics sp10 mk2 that has needed to be repaired twice at $500 a time.he still uses it;) 
Oppo BDP-105 versus Cambridge Azur 752BD