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Can someone help me decide between an amp and an integrated amp?
That Classe is a really nice piece for the money.  
Kii3 loudspeakers
Hey Duke, I have a client in Dallas who owns a pair but have yet to hear them.  If you were interested in getting your ears on them let me know and I can try to set up a demo with her.  I've been meaning to get to her place anyways.Cheers,Skip 
anyone here tried Parasound "New" JC-5 amp
They are not JC1s at all. John Curl has redesigned the amplifier and those that I trust who have heard the JC1 and JC5 have much preferred the latter amp. As far as I’m concerned I view the 5 as an upgrade to the 1. I am am sure they share similar... 
Harbeth SHL 5 amplification
The SHL5+ requires some power to wake up. If going tubes I would recommend a stronger amp with 35+ watts. I’ve tried 30 and under and it simply wasn’t enough. The MastersounD BoX and Triode TRV-88ser did well powering them. I don’t recommend Singl... 
List of european tube amplifier manufacturers
Are you in Europe? The BoX is a great pairing with the DI. Eric and I traded products to get a feel for the pairing and I can say the BoX didn’t feel like it left anything on the table. It’s a unique product in that it’s an affordable single ended... 
Ayon vs. Mastersound vs. Vaic Tube SET
Bsimpson, I'm sorry to hear about your experiences with the MastersounD. It sounds like that unit might have had a hard life. Regardless, I wish I would have been able to help you with it. I'd love to know more of the story behind the unit like th... 
Usher DMD tweeter upgrade: worth it?
There are many Usher dealers, including me, but Katli does not list them.   I am a massive fan of Usher speakers and have experience with almost every model, including the T-515 that is a rarity to find in the US.   I got a second-hand pair of Be-... 
Highest BUILD quality tube amps?
Per Jolida amplifiers, I used to have an SJ302a prior to being a dealer and it failed on me.  It turned out to be the leads on the circuit board lifting up, which apparently was a common issue.  I haven't heard of any similar issues with their new... 
Is it still possible to upgrade an AMR DP-777 to SE?
I’m not sure who would do it now but your best bet is to contact the US iFi importer. AMR and iFi are the same company.  
Have you ever wondered why speaker manufactures do not consign speakers to dealers?
In today's world, consignment would create too many satellite in-home dealers who weren't exactly serious about selling.  I am a dealer and operate out of my home, but I have also invested heavily in product and am committed to seeing returns on t... 
Usher's 718 BE monitor: Is it competitive with other monitors of the same vintage ?
Also that driver is not a scanspeak theft. It is a revised version of an old JBL driver. While they do look similar because the cone material is similar, the drivers themselves are different.  
Usher's 718 BE monitor: Is it competitive with other monitors of the same vintage ?
Imitation, yes. Theft? No. the amp is a threshold design and the changes they made were positive. Nothing of the speakers were stolen. I don't care much for the Be tweeter. If you find a pair with the diamonds they are far superior.  
Speakers that sound like Usher Be-20s/10s
All of my Usher clients move up to Rosso Fiorentino. It's an obvious move but comparable models are much more expensive, albeit well worth the difference.  
Totem Hawks - my impressions
The Hawk is a great speaker. Be careful not to push it too hard as you can overdrive those woofers. Getting placement right will improve their performance. At their new price points i cant recall too many that beat the Hawk at their own game. The ... 
Tube amp with KEF Reference 1
Have you considered the Masters BoX? I think this would be an excellent match. It’s parallel single ended but has the ability to handle tougher loads without much if any issue. I dont think your speakers would be a tough load on a tube amp. The im...