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In need high-efficency speakers
Also, what is your budget? 
In need high-efficency speakers
Where are you located? 
In need high-efficency speakers
I doubt sensitivity is the issue and the load might play a bigger role. 40 watts will get you around 103 db at 1 meter and that isn't anything to scoff at. If the amp can't handle the load of the speaker though it won't be a pleasant experience. I... 
Is there actually a difference?
There are no giant killers in audio, only good values and products that don't perform at their value. Synergy and bottlenecks are the name of the game. Creating one and eliminating the other can make your system revealing of differences or complet... 
anyone here tried Parasound "New" JC-5 amp
I find the Elipsa to be rolled off on the top end some. Maybe it's showcasing more of the speaker's characteristics? What is the rest of the system?From what I've been told the JC5 is a musical sounding amp which differs a bit from their other off... 
Backert Labs Rhumba preamp
Andy is a great guy and will go the extra mile.  Buy with confidence. 
What speakers work well against a wall
Sonner Audio do very well tight to a wall.  
YG Acoustics, Raihdo?
I agree prof. The biggest issue I've run across is the blending of the ribbon with the woofer. Using the ribbon as a supertweeter and a dome as a tweeter seems to alleviate this issue while still bringing that open and airy sound. Dali had used a ... 
YG Acoustics, Raihdo?
prof, you owe it to yourself to hear a pair of Rosso Fiorentino with the ribbon supertweeter.  The disconnect is something I've struggled with in almost every implementation, but Rosso gets that aspect right by using a dome tweeter to cover up to ... 
Ohm load for SET Amps
What brand are your monos? My Shuguang monos struggled greatly with 4 ohm speakers but were great with 8 ohm. I have found the MastersounD amps to not have a similar issue.  
Harbeth 30.1 ? The Ultimate Speaker under $5K ?
I saw someone reluctantly say and and I'll go back to it - the Tekton Double Impacts.  Harbeth are NOT loud rock speakers, especially in a large room.  You want a large speaker with some cone surface to work with, and the efficiency of the DI will... 
Usher Pre-Amp and Usher R2.5 what are they worth??
The usher preamp is not a processor. For $2,000 CAD that is a LOT of bang for your buck. The preamp is still a current model that sells for over $2,000 US.  
Looking for AMP relacement
My recommendation is to get something like the Parasound 2250 V2 or the Halo A21 to hold its place and find a reputable repair technician and have them repair the ML.  I'd imagine he has several of the ML amplifiers and it would be nice to keep th... 
Small Bedroom Tube Amp
Dayens Ampino. It will give you anything an inexpensive tube amp will without the hassle of tubes. It's also tiny in size and fits your application perfectly. It's the closest to tube sound I've found yet in inexpensive solid state. 
Krell Digital Vanguard or Parasound Halo integrated?
Parasound as a company is first rate.  When I showed at RMAF last year Phil made it a point to come see me and introduce himself, which I found very humble.  They've always been supportive and want anyone involved with their products to get nothin...