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PrimaLuna Integrated Premium HP match Sonus Faber Venere 3.0 speakers.
I can’t speak for Prima Luna but I did have a client with the Venere S and he really enjoyed the MastersounD Dueventi with them. He is a member here so maybe he will chime in. I dont know how the demands compare between the two speakers so I’m not... 
Need Advice on Amp Audition at a Dealers
Verify with the dealer that they are OK with that. They might not be to protect their assets in case something is wrong with the amp. If they are local an in home demo would be best as always.  
Integrated amplifier search
Norma Audio has a new half-sized integrated that hasn't made it up on their website yet - the HS IPA-1.  It has options for built-in DAC or Phono as well. 
T+A elektroakustik HV Series Components
The T+A is a better sound than Pass Labs IMO. I’ve heard David’s and to me it is no comparison. About a a month ago I got a PA 1530 R in on trade and I’ve been impressed with it. I’ve found it to not be a great fit for all speakers but when it doe... 
Integrated amplifier search
I’d recommend upgrading your source first. An iPhone isn’t a great source and the DAC of the Halo Integrated is definitely the weakest section of the unit.  
Axpona 2018 Integrated Mastersond BoX
Mike Wright of Stereo Times just reviewed the BoX.  The review is here: 
Usher Audio BE-718 or Kef LS50
I’m not sure what was going on with the other setups but the Be-718 are formidable speakers that are well worth their praise. Some rear-ported Usher speakers can sound bloated if not properly placed as that 7" woofer can put out quite a bit of air... 
Upgrading B&W 685 S1 to ?
Usher Mini X would fit your needs.  
Modestly priced bookshelf speakers for cabin.
Polk S15 or S20. The Signature series is actually very nice. 
McIntosh MC-2125
I had the MC2125 for a bit and paired it with my C32 with great results.  
Why does my DAC sound so much better after upgrading digital SPDIF cable?
As nonoise hit on, a digital cable still is just transmitting analog signals in pulses. Doubters seem to focus on the concept that a bit is a bit and it’s an irrelevant argument. The issue isn’t the data usually but the transmission of it. The sam... 
What’s a 10k to 15k speaker from smaller company that performs well?
You should have come over on Oct 20th and heard the Rosso Fiorentino Volterra Calvin.  The little brother Fiesole went home with someone and the Volterra sold a week later.  I've still got the Siena on demo.I know how much you like older Sonus Fab... 
Yagin: does anybody have any thoughts on Yagin? Never herd of them?
The Yaqin hybrid amps were junk, but their all tube integrateds were and still are solid budget options for many. I've heard the CD player and seen a few as well and it gets pretty solid feedback as well. I'm not endorsing them but I haven't heard... 
Recommended Amps and preamps for Polk RTI A7s HELP!!!
Hello daoki,B&K amps have been used with great results with the RTiA as well as the Parasound HCA series. I would suggest checking out the Polk Audio forum to get more input as many there have experience with the speakers.  
Need center channel recommendation
If you cannot find the appropriate B&W center channel (should be priority #1), consider the Usher Be-616.  It utilizes a diamond tweeter and while it is less edgy than the B&W version, it will give you a decent match.