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Affordable alternativ to the PS Audio DirectStream DAC
Chord qutest 
Beware the audio guru
Wow. Last time I listened to music it was because I like music and it’s fun and nourishing of the soul. The pursuit of great or perfect sound, the hobby of playing with toys and don’t fool yourself expensive audio equipment are toys, for boys; is ... 
Bookshelf Speakers - $500-$900 range
Proac Studio 100, Kef R300 
So just to be clear, you sent some expensive stuff, to someone you didn't know without being paid for it first? And this makes it Thailands fault?  
I'm selling speakers for the first time and concerned about fraud
Didn't  Audiogon offer an escrow service at one time? In any case wire transfer is the best bet 
Going from computer audio to dedicated streamer
Went from W4S modded Sonos to an Auralic player, with Synology Nas, then to a  Aurrender with music files stored locally on the Aurrender. That was by far the best, used both a PS Audio Direct Stream Dac, then switched to Devialet 😀 
Tracks worth for a 1 Million system
Whatever it is, it would have NOTHING to do with sound quality and EVERYTHING to do with musical quality  
After nearly 20 years, I left Magnepan and went ProAc
I ment earlier you should move closer  
After nearly 20 years, I left Magnepan and went ProAc
Oh and loose the spikes until they are very well broken in. Someone mentioned the Herbies gliders, they work a treat and they're cheap, and make it way easier to move them around  
After nearly 20 years, I left Magnepan and went ProAc
To the Op, you want at least 4ft from the back of the speaker to the wall behind. Not from the face of the speaker 4ft from the back side. Start with 7ft between the speakers, inside edge to edge. Then move closer. ProAc's are awesome in a near fi... 
Speaker recommendation for married couple
I'm surprised no mention of Maggie's ? 1.7 would work well. New Kef reference but out of the budget?  Also Dynaudio's are great. Best soft dome tweeters are Dynaudio's, the tsss sounds are called sibilance Btw.. DeVore are nice too. 
Wife trouble
My wife is simply uninterested in gear. She's does dig a good show Dave Mathews, Umphres , STS9, Chris Robinson..  
My Audio Research experience
The real issue here that no one mentioned is that ARC does not fuse the biasing resistors, so when a tube fails and they all do at some point it takes out the resistors and if the tube fails badly enough maybe a board. 
Is remastered mainly just less jitter?
Most of you folks are all over the place on this. To the OP's original question: No. As far as remasters it just depends on the purpose of the remaster. Steve Wilson has done a bunch of remasters they sound amazing. The point was to improve the so... 
Adventures in Table Shopping
My experience as a salesperson years ago was I'd be glad to help answer your questions if you're in the market, even if and especially not today. But I'd get folks that just seemed to need a friend or well audiophiles can be a bit ... eccentric, y...