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Adventures in Table Shopping
My experience as a salesperson years ago was I'd be glad to help answer your questions if you're in the market, even if and especially not today. But I'd get folks that just seemed to need a friend or well audiophiles can be a bit ... eccentric, y... 
WORST Experience Ever in Dealing With Woodbridge Stereo NJ
I’ve had UPS destroy a brand new Motorcycle Helmet and not just any old helmet but a brand new $700.00 Arai RX7 Corsair. They hit it so hard they fractured about 10 inches of the Carbon Composite Shell.. Then they tried to deny my claim saying it ... 
Great integrated amps with narrow depth under 12 inches?
Rega amps are pretty shallow., I had a similar situation tried several. Had a Creek crap out, had the Bel Canto, loved the Rega Elicit  
I recently bought a  Ekornes Stressless.. It was on sale for about 50% off and brand new.. The store had limited colors and styles at that price but fortunately they had a color and a style that I liked!  Just an FYI, Ekornesmakes all the differen...