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Which USB reclocker is as good as the Innuos Phoenix USB?
I’m very happy with my Chord Mscaler.   
Recommend me a Class A Integrated Amp (or sound like Class A amp)
I have the Aesthetix Mimas, not sure the price in your city.   
Volume Control Too Sensitive
Make sure Preamp is set internally to the lower setting. Use RCA’s instead of balanced, also check if you can change input sensitivity on the power amps.   
Opportunity to buy Demo Magico M2?
If I was wealthy I’d have the Big ProAc’s with ARC.  
Results with Shunyata Venom Defender
I use a defender in the outlet my REL is plugged into  Its a dedicated 20 amp/ 10awg line. I also feed the REL with a Shunyata Delta EF  
My last Integrated Amp: $5-10,000?
I’m very very happy with my Aesthetix Mimas.   
Was my friend given misinformation.
Stupid thread.  
Best progressive rock album side
Humble Pie  
Mixed Brand Pre-Amp Power Amp Pairings that Work
I also found preamp power amp from same company to be optimal. Levinson no.26 with a Levinson no.23.5 , Levinson no. 380s with no.332 . Audio Research LS 2B with ARC Classic 120’s , Krell KRC 3 with Krell KSA 100s. Now a days I use an Aesthetix Mi... 
What do you use to keep high gloss speakers clean?
I use Plexus. Also never buff in circles. Best to go on one direction   
Most Realistic Recordings
There is no Audio Gear that sounds like live music. There’s no video that looks like being there. There is no resolution that approaches real.  
Bigger and Better: Integrated Amplifiers
Naim SN3 to SN3 With HiCap then Aesthetix Mimas   
What is the best USB cable under $500 for a natural presentation and good detail ?
Audience are very good, so are the Black Cat cables  
Preamp recommendations for my system please
ARC, or Aesthetix, CAT,   
What do audiophiles do in their cars?
I think the title of the thread was what do Audiophiles like to do in their cars. I like having sex in the back seat. Whilst I listen to the B&O system.