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Anybody watch Steve Huff audio on the Tube?
I was all in with him and the dog Roo. He lost me when talking to Elvis, we all know he's still alive and living in Kalamazoo Mi.       
How is the Pass Labs X150.5 at low volume?
Having the owned the 150.5 and currently 250.5. I would suggest going with the 250.5 it's far better at all volumes.  
Email Address for Robert Lee Acoustic Zen?
Thanks rdk777 that is it.  
Best music in 2020
Fantastic NegritoHave You Lost Your Mind Yet  
How can I get a discount on Roon lifetime price $699
I was a DA and paid by the year for two years before buying Lifetime. It's Netflix and Wikipedia of music with DSP, favorites, playlists, suggestions etc mixed in. I would have never discovered the Artist's and music I have without Roon and Tidal.... 
Sexy singer(s) and/or song(s)
Thunderpussy Fever Hart Am I The One 
High value, giant killer speakers?
Scansonic the poor man's Raidho!  
Here is an interesting artist that's new to me, and I wanted to share his music.
Jon Batiste is definitely very talented musician just listened to his latest live album really enjoyed it. I wasn't real excited about the last album maybe need to listen again. As for the Colbert show he is extremely annoying with his noises and ... 
Who does his playing remind you of.......
I think I Need You Tonight has some Roy Buchanan influence in Billy's playing.  
Taj Farrant 9 Year Old Guitar Wiz!
Taj playing Gary Moore Still Got The Blues. This kid started playing guitar at 7 after going to an ACDC show. 
Does anyone pay the same attention to their car audio?
The Levinson ssytem is great in the LS430. Used to be into Car Audio before becoming serious about home audio. 97 Rivera, McIntosh MC440M, MCC222 amps, MX406 cdp, Dynaudio speakers, MB Quart sub. 2001 Lexus ES300 McIntosh MC4000M amp, Clarion DRZ9... 
Anyone living in Northern Michigan?
I live in Grand Rapids! 
More Cowbell
SNL, Christopher Walken, Will Ferrell " More Cowbell" Don't Fear The Reaper 
PSB T3 I have not heard better bass from a floor standing/tower, have you? Under $7.5K
Haven't heard the PSB but I'm very happy with my Scansonic MB-6 designed by Michael Borresen of Raidho. IMHO they are giving them away these days.  
Great sounding 'newer' Jazz Recording from 2010
Great album thanks.