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The issue of lowballing... What does that mean?
Polk432 you seem to be very "fair and balanced" fight on! 
The issue of lowballing... What does that mean?
I think ill steer clear of buying from polk432 even if its being sold at a lowballing bums price. 
Joanne Shaw Taylor
I went to her show last night. I really can't believe what I witnessed she can share the stage with the best guitar players I have ever seen or heard. She was possessed from start to finish playing from a place inside and with power few guitarists... 
Latest Earl Klugh album = Excellent SQ
Check out Bob James and Earl Klugh Cool grat sound also! 
Bruce at The Super Bowl....
I thought the performance was pitiful all around and sounded like ****. What was up with the the guitar swinging, throwing (the guy almost dropped it) and the stage slide. It looked to me Bruce tied a good buzz on before the show. I have to think ... 
Best movies last two years
Michael ClaytonIn the Valley of Elah 300American GangsterBefore the Devil Knows YouÂ’re DeadThe Born UltimatumThe Brave OneRedactedThe Great DebatersThe Last King of Scotland Letters from Iwo Jima In BrugesGone Baby Gone Into the WildRenditionEaste... 
Why the Blues Really Hit The Spot
"R.I.P. the blues. 1924-1965"That's a joke right? I had no idea the Blues died three years before I was born. It seems to be alive right now in my living room listening to KWS 10 Days Out and it sure was alive a couple weeks ago when I saw Buddy G... 
Favorite Female vocals that give you goose bumps
Terra Naomi, very orgional, talented and inspiring check her out!