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Krell FPB vs Plinius SA-103 vs Pass Labs XA60.5
I agree with Stevecham. I had a 400cx for a few years and did not find it bright or congested at all. The 400cx had total grip and control. Much prefered it to the Pass XA series amps that I heard, but that's my opinion. I recommend listening to P... 
Nordost Valhalla Power Cords
My experience has been the same as Bo's. Valhalla has great resolution and top end. But you might find more weight, depth with other cables. In my experience they worked very well on my preamps, but I felt that the thinned out my digital front end... 
Evolution Acoustics MMMicroOne
These had the best sound at show at RMAF in my opinion. Congrats. 
Transparent Audio? JPS? Nordost? Kubala Sosna?
I used to use all Valhalla and now use Transparent. You need to start at least at the Transparent Reference level to compete with Valhalla. IMHO I'd you are comparing Music Link it will be in a lower league. Once you get to Reference, you get all ... 
Purepower 2000+ and 3000+ actual availability???
I've been looking at these too and spoke to one of the owners a few months back. He mentioned that they plan to add the ability to switch from wall power to battery power using a remote in the next version. I'm waiting for this and will probably j... 
Review: Boulder 1060 Amplifier
Melbguy thanks for your review and thoughtful comments. I will probably head in the same direction on amp and pre. Did you happen to try the Boulder gear with Transparent cabling? 
I recommend asking Don Better of Don Better Audio in Cleveland. He sells those products and will stear you in the right direction. 
Great Music to Download? has hi-rez flac and wave as well as DSD 
Best Sounding CD / SACD player under 15K
I agree with Amfibus, and particularly on the Playback Designs recommendation. If you go with the PD, you also get a full set of DAC inputs in case you ever want to use it also as a DAC with a media server. I also have had a few Denon players and ... 
The best integrated amplifier
I recommend adding the Boulder 865 to your list. I prefered it to the Pass integrateds - better resolution and more alive sounding. Different strokes for different folks. Haven't heard that particular Simaudio unit, but in general I have found the... 
Ripping SACD vs regular CD
doggie, which record companies have pledged to release dsd versions? 
Playback Designs MPD-3
JRiver MC17 now plays native DSD without converting to PCM on the PC. It uses the Playback Designs ASIO driver. 
Playback Designs MPD-3
Signalyst HQ player plays native DSD files on the PC. JRiver is in the process of building in native DSD playback on the PC too. Both players can play native DSD (as well as PCM up to 24/384) over USB using the Playback Designs ASIO driver. 
Are Disc Players Dead?
the analog guys hold on to vinyl because they generally like the sound of lps compared to the digital version, and you lose some quality ripping vinyl to hard disk. but cds can be ripped to hard disk without any reduction in quality, so you lose n... 
Are Disc Players Dead?
talk is there's movement now to offer DSD (sacd) downloads too. unless someone has a bunch of sacds, the argument for getting a new sacd transport seems to be getting weaker and weaker. however, having said that, not all dacs and digital interface...