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NHT 2.9s - what amp is for me w/small/med budget?
I have the 2.5i's and have found that a quality 50 watt integrated bested a 140 watt bi-amp configuration. Audition an Audio Refinement Complete if you get the chance. A little Creek or Music Hall may also work well. At low volumes an inexpensive ... 
Need small speaker for less than $750. Ideas?
Spendor 3/5 is hard to beat.I have a pair of Von Schweikert VR-1's that I like very much. I would be willing to sell them at a reasonable price to upgrade to the Spendor LS3/5 SE. If you would be interested send me an email. 
Speakers for Hip Hop and vocal???
Klipsch Herressy (not version II's).Way less than your budget, lotsa bass, efficient as hell, and you will be less likely to explode when someone spills beer on them. 
Can I expect to pay full retail for a new system?
Amen Zaikesman. I thinkthat we have all seen cash before. The sight of an envelope full of cash that adds up to way less than any reasonable asking price will not impress many dealers. Had a guy offer me $300 CASH last week for a $1,000 CDP. I use... 
Can I expect to pay full retail for a new system?
30% discount on a product that has a 40% margin?I want to live in the country that this kind of windfall profit will sustain a business! Might as well start washing dishes; much better reward vs efforts ratio. 
Can I expect to pay full retail for a new system?
Any dealer is more likely to give discounts to NICE people. In fact, it is enjoyable to give the nice guy a good deal. He is the exception to the rule that makes keeping a bricks and mortar store worthwhile.Keep in mind that on very high end equip... 
2 Pre-Outs?
There is a large difference between home theater/surround sound and two pairs of speakers simply playing the same information. HT involves intentional differences in phase and timing for matrixed surround sound and discrete channels of information... 
Subwoofer help: ACI, Von Schweikert, Martin Logan
The ML subs do have an onboard crossover. THere are quite a few lowpass settings, two highpass settings, a number of phase adjustments, and a 25hz level control. 
2 Pre-Outs?
Are you stacking?Most speakers will not sound good played simultaneously with annother pair.Most speakers introduce their own phase shifts throughout the spectrum. It would be rare that two models, from two different manufacturers, with two differ... 
How revealing are Grado sr-60s'?
THey are pretty revealing. Chances are you are hearing the cheap opamps in the Toshiba. Take your cans to a stereo shop that has decent CDP's and plug into the headphone out of one. It could also be that your source material is classic rock.Loads ... 
Subwoofer help: ACI, Von Schweikert, Martin Logan
I use a pair of Depths to great success. I am considering upgrading to two Descents. the ML subs are hard to beat for the money. the Depth is by far the biggest bang for the buck in the line. They are small and produce lotsa bass in small to mediu... 
Do you know anyone who repairs Chiro amps?
Don't know from repair facilities but I have a 300 in 6/10 condition and a 200 NIB that are both sitting unused at the moment. Email me if interested. 
Sub $1K Floorstanders for NAD C320BEE
Kef iQ7. Not the end-all be-all but, efficient and relatively full range. 
Where to sample music
Pandora is awesome. I've been listening to it all day.I also find great stuff at They don't let you listen to the entire song but they do give you very long cuts.:) 
Outdoor speaker recommendations
NHT OutdoorOneBlasphemy putting Spendors outside!For shame!