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High level input
Max. power input has little to nothing to do with matching an amp to a speaker.Anyhow, to answer your question, the impedence of a speaker level input on a sub is so high that it demands very, very, very little of the amplifier.All of your watts a... 
Question on the Philips 963 SA
It is probably reading the DVD layer (not the DVD-A layer).THis will give you DVD sound quality (approx. that of MP3). 
How to connect bi-wire speakers
"If the cable is not a bi-wire, you should place your jumper between the negative and positive terminals of either the tweeter or woofer. It doesn't make any difference which ones are jumpered, just be sure to place the jumpers on the same "type" ... 
Does such a player exist?
Older Accuphase CDP's should fit your requirements.Good luck! 
Speaker power question 110-240 V
As long as it is not a powered speaker there will be no difference. It will not, however, sound the same in your room as it did in a reviewers room or in a store. 
NAD C542 vs Audio refinement Alpha complete CDP?
The NAD is a tad better. The AR CDP and tuner were kind of chincy compared to the integrated amp. I like the Cambridge Audio CDP's too.Good luck! 
Caps as high-pass filters
Line-level then?Has anyone tried something like this: 
Bi-amping Question?
Bi-amping usually has only a small benefit.The only thing I would be concerned about is that some (few) preamps have two outputs with one being a high gain and the other being low gain. Chances are this would not hurt anythingif it were the case, ... 
Caps as high-pass filters
Lousy huh?O.K.Just an idea. Apparently a bad one. 
a simple yet stupid ? question
I break in amplifiers by running them with a 20Hz worble tone into teh speaker. This way the amplifier is having to do real work. Maybe it is just teh logic behind it but it sounds like it works to me. Who knows? 
NAD Model 1020 Preamp and 2150 Amp
Bartokfan apparently does not care if you have music.Great help.Those are both old peices. You will need to test each individual component with known working gear after making sure that:1)There are no bad connections between any of the equipment w... 
separate amp or upgrade HT receiver?
If you wanted a good one box solution buy an NAD T753.It has all the power and features you need with the Q5's.Biggest bang for the buck in the line.It would be a better long term plan, however, to get something like a Parasound 5125 multi channel... 
how would an entry-level tube system compare?
Just a couple of suggestions:1)Listen to a mid-priced horn system to see if it is to your liking. This will give you the largest performance/dollar return.Teh problem with horns is that you like them or you don't and they have to be very large to ... 
how would an entry-level tube system compare?
Just a guess but I think he wants tubes regardless. Tubes look cool and are a conversation peice (that can sound quite good when done right). With techno all he will need is durrable, efficent speakers that will work well enough with low powered, ... 
The van den Hul colibri XPM vs colibri XPP
I think that with the higher end Van den Hul carts he (A.J.) tunes the cartridge to your table. It might be worth the effort to email him for specific rcomendations. The Colibri got very good reviews in the British press.Good luck!