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Thoughts on the Linn LP12 turntable
Ivor Tiefenbrun was a genius marketeer who could sell ice to Eskimos!   @fatboyriding +1 Ivor also knew the original Swiss TD150 was a sweetheart along with Hamish Robertson of course!    
Turntable upgrade recommendations: SME vs AMG vs Technics vs other
SME (suspension), AMG (mass), and Technics (direct drive). What are the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of turntables, and of those in particular? Aside from listening, which is most important, Paul Miller’s lab results from... 
The Royal Purple “Synfilm” from their Industrial line of lubricants is exceptional with many different ISO viscosities to choose from depending on clearances.   
SME 20/2 Tonearm Ground Wire: Where in the table should be connected?
@vusi_khumalo  Do u have and explanation on why not 'engaging the shielding' improves sound? While I don’t care to discuss in absolute terms for fear of being attacked, unshielded signal leads can often provide a larger playback image that see... 
Lucinda Williams' Stories From A Rock n Roll Heart.
One of my favorite concerts of all time! This was the band but the venue was the Verizon Center in Houston. Jim Lauderdale lit the place up as the opening solo act.    
Did the Old Receivers Sound Good?
As a collector of ‘70’s integrated amplifier’s, I enjoy great pride of ownership from many pick-of-the-litter classics when expertly restored. It’s a blast finding speaker combinations that bring out their best. Many components of this decade are... 
Goodbye Everyone
✌️ to you Elliott! Enjoy your life & friendships while you can! 🎶  
Turntable versus tonearm versus cartridge: which is MOST important?
I’ve heard examples of both extremes. The ultimate responsibility of the tonearm depends on the characteristics of the cartridge.  
SME 20/2 Tonearm Ground Wire: Where in the table should be connected?
As I recall . . . The single ground wire (spade) in the phono cable loom is the main ground which connects to the phono preamp. The second ground spade in the phono cable loom is simply to engage the shielding - it’s the two wires exiting the RC... 
Meandering Pitch, Where’s The Problem?
The drive pulley has a large 45 rpm diameter surface that tapers to a smaller 33 rpm diameter surface where the drive belt is meant to ride on. A drive belt with the wrong tension can have difficulty staying on the proper area where it will occasi... 
Meandering Pitch, Where’s The Problem?
AC synchronized motor deck, I’d look at the belt drive system. Remove and reinstall the outer platter inverted along with the mat and a record stacked on top to accurately load the TD-160’s suspension. Turn on the platter rotation and view the be... 
Channel D Lino C vs. Sutherland Little Loco
I really appreciate what transimpedance does for an optimal LOMC pickup. I’ve been using one version or another of the Loco for probably close to 5 years. For all my friends who’s systems demand a true balanced signal, I always recommend Channel... 
Kuzma Stabi R mat?
I think it’s unanimous - Franc Kuzma knows what he’s doing! I think he is unique in that all of his offerings are World Class without subscribing to any one specific dogma - very refreshing to say the least!  
Discuss The Viv Lab Rigid Arm
DS Exports may no longer be involved. Here in the US, it’s Mike Fajen @ Sierra Sound:     
Do I buy an upscale TT?
@lewm  Evidently the OP finds us as boring as I do.  😂