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What amplifiers/integrateds do you like with Cornwall IVs?
Lots of outstanding SET amps out there, but some HE loudspeakers require more drive. I'm no engineer (maybe someone else with better chops could explain), but it seems like a big impedance swing across the spectrum can tax many flea-watt amplifier... 
Life After Technics SL1200 Mk5
The Mk5 is my final destination. 1st attempt at modding an heirloom Mk5 for a friend was such a success and reality check, I built up a second duplicate for myself. Sad to see the demise of Jelco. Their original TK-850S is an integral part of the ... 
What amplifiers/integrateds do you like with Cornwall IVs?
I understand a Jadis DA80S will bring down the house with the Cornwall IV. Jadis has a pair in France and A/V Therapy in NH mentioned the combo was positively stunning. 
Tim deParavicini has passed away
Very sad to learn of his passing. Having had a few rare opportunities to spend time with him at various audio shows, he was a gentle soul who utterly failed to take himself too seriously. A true creative genius who will be missed. Rest In Peace! 
What's your favorite lyric from a song?
Not to be political, but it is from Bob Dylan’s album Infidels - the song “Sweetheart like You””Steal a little and they throw you in jail. Steal a lot and they make you King” 
“Classic” phono stages 2007-20013?
I recall Allen Wright’s JLTi and Carlos Candeias Aqvox 2Ci. Both very good pieces punching well above their admission prices. 
Hegel h590 or Accuphase e460 with Harbeth 40.3
+1 for Accuphase. Last time I heard the current E-480 it was driving Wilson Sasha DAW at an audio show after hours. I thought the combination was more musically pleasing than the featured reference tube gear on display. Seriously well built and gr... 
Looking to buy a quality integrated $10,000 budget.
This looks interesting: 
Speaker design, KenjiT and others.
Esoteric no doubt, but how does it make you feel . . . 
What do you take when demoing new gear?
If you're seriously thinking of spending money on something so infinitesimally microscopically different you can only hear it in a 3 second snippet of one certain recording, its just not worth it. You definitely need to keep looking. For another c... 
Never Owned a Tube Amp and Want Advice
In regards to the analog seeming a bit thin and tipped to the treble in comparison to your digital which is fuller with better soundstage, you may notice the tonearm exhibiting a "Tail up" attitude with the arm resting in the groove towards the en... 
DAC upgrade, new or used, $1000
The Black Ice FX Tube DAC DSD WIFI ain’t no punk. A best buy from Underwood HiFi if your preamp handles RCA signals alright. Just happened to be present at the famed “Arizona Audio blind shootout” and while I don’t recall it winning outright, it w... 
What In The World Is Going On?
Heard or read a rumor that a sell off began pre-covid for improved book-keeping making the situation worse. 
O.K., the other end of your personal experience
Then there was the time in my ignorant youth when I thought it would be a great idea to drive a Perreaux 1150b amp with a Counterpoint SA7.1 preamp. Sexy looking duo.The impedance mismatch made the pairing thin sounding and unlistenable. 
O.K., the other end of your personal experience
Completely irrelevant today but,In my youth I was feeling guilty about my non audiophile DD turntable picked up at the local Pacific Stereo on closeout. Decided I would graduate to an expertly setup Thorens (TD166 MkII?) with a HOMC Adcom XCLT car...