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VAS (Steven Leung) cartridge repair/retipping service?
3 weeks! I like Steve :-)Steve's a good guy. 
What speaker – under $10k – has the best timbre and tonal qualities?
Lots of love for The DeVore Orangutan O/93Not sure if your PrimaLuna Prologue Premium (integrated?) has 16ohm outputs to try. 
Please suggest a really cheap SPDIF coaxial BNC cable for testing if my DAC is working
Another World Class inexpensive consideration: 
Logical upgrades to a DD turntable.
It’s all in the details!! Nice catch and yes, eager . . . 
Why are digital streaming equipment manufacturers refusing to answer me?
This thread thread was over after the 1st reply 👍 
What do you take when demoing new gear?
A pee break followed by a large cup of great coffee ;-) 
Solid Stage vs Tube amp
Its always OK to adjust the midrange & tweeter levels on the speaker’s baffle - suit to taste. With a little care, this bared wire can be used in the "Insert/twist" speaker wire receptacles of the L112. Use 2 leads for + and one for -. Be cons... 
Forgotten/Neglected Artists?
So many to choose from - Grayson Capps 
Logical upgrades to a DD turntable.
+1 from chakster and also the Audio-Technica with MicroLine stylus. The stock arm & Headshell would prefer a lighter tracking version while heavier headshells would open you up to the 2gm+ VTF versions (6 one way & half a dozen the other).... 
What's been your turntable ownership over the years?
Yamaha P350/Ortofon OM30 (beginner)Beogram 3404/MMC20EN (loaner)Sony PS-X60/Shure V15 type V (WOW!!)Thorens TD166 MkII/Adcom XCLT (Mistake)Systemdeck (great deck)Oracle Alexandria/Prelude, Sumiko FT3 & VTA base/Dynavector D17 (not so much)...:... 
Recommended headshell leads/wires
Can easily recommend these AT wires from LP Gear after stumbling into a set which were included with an ART 7 phono cartridge. Cartridge went in a drawer but the Audio-Technica AT6101headshell wires made their way to a Jelco TK-850S 👍https://www.l... 
Sutherland 20/20 v Manley Chinook
+1 on the 20/20. The Sutherland, while good at the extremities, is a midrange king - it is one of those SS pieces that just nails it. Of course, the optional LPS is a requirement. I'm a biased Sutherland Big Loco user. The Manley Chinook is also a... 
MM Cartridge Talk
mijostyn, Thanks for the update on the VM95ML 👍Curious if a little experimenting with mass loading (or a heavier headshell) to lower its resonance point would tame excessive bloom along with a slight tweak of VTF? 
Your favorite 'concept' album
White Mansions - 
What is the best audiophile speaker for a tiny square room?
Meridian M20s are sounding great this evening after a recent recapping. KEF T-33 Tweeters serviced (FerroTec APG 512A ferrofluid) a few years ago. One of these days I'll have room for my loaned out M100 actives . . .