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Obsessing is an obsession. The beauty of analog is if it sounds good then it is good 👍For a technical starting point, you’ve done well by verifying VTF & overhang. To add - the top of the cartridge should be parallel to the record surface. I d... 
turntable recommendations
@stereo5 ,👍 Nice. Experimenting w/mats can be enlightening. From what the Luxman mat has achieved, I have no doubt the Oracle hard Mat w/HRS weight is very effective. Tried using an HRS (lighter one) & the Wave Kinetics W8 Record Weight (which... 
MM Cartridge Talk
The new Audio Technica AT-VM95ML looks incredibly tasty to me. Love MicroLine styli and a slight bit of mass loading might be worth experimenting with. 
turntable recommendations
I like the Luxman PD 151 recommendation as well as the Technics 👍I’d go for a Technics SL-1200G with the Luxman mat ~ Game Over. 
need cartridge suggestion
The discontinued Audio Technics OC9 MkIIII believe there are a few available from online dealers.Exceptional value & excellent tracking with your Linn rig. Smooth midband for Quads. 
Next Upgrade??
+1 on the Musical Surroundings Linear Power Supply. An amazing duo! 
What's the best and/or favorite piece of equipment you've owned? And do you still own it?
Thanks for the opportunity to revisit memory lane!NAD 3140, Nakamichi 480, Sony PS-X60 w/Shure V-15 and Celestion Ditton 15XR w/factory upgraded tweeters/networks on Celestion Chrome OEM stands. My High School system circa 1982 when time stood sti... 
Used phono preamp options - feedback requested
I might be biased to the Sutherland 20/20, but it is a midrange king that is a joy to live with. Add the optional Linear PSU and you could be set for the long run.  
Help with Phono preamp suggestions!
If you like the tone of your Musical Surroundings Nova Phonomena, consider getting another one if you want to experience serious affordable gains. Running these dual mono is rather stunning! Suggest matching models with identical power supplies as... 
Phonostage recommendations under $3K
Transimpedance MC phono preamps are an excellent solution if MM is not required. Lots of candidates such as AQVOX, BMC, Channel D, Sutherland Loco and CH Precision to name just a few. I greatly appreciate the benefit of never having to second gues... 
Need ideas to match a pair of monitor with 40WPC tube amp
I'd recommend auditioning prior to purchase. EL84 output tubes can really shine on efficient speakers but prefer an "easy" load without much impedance swing. I recall hearing a rare Harbeth NRG series of loudspeaker being driven by a Manley Stingr... 
Best ultrasonic lp cleaner in 2020 and what surfactant best?
Degritter is on my short list. 
The Mutech RM Kanda Hyabusa
Yes ~ A wonderful cartridge! Into the Sutherland Big Loco transimpedance phono its performance is musically sublime. 
What's your favorite boutique speaker maker
+1 Devore Fidelity 
Fleetwood Sound Company
Just heard them at a N Dallas (Richardson) dealer driven by a Jadis DA50S integrated and thought it was rather sublime. Brief listen, but the combination was musically engaging. Lower volume levels were also captivating.