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Cardas Clear or AudioQuest Carbon USB cable
Completely different sound signatures. Transparent, clear vs warmer, organic sound. Pick your poison.  
If you want the utmost clarity from your CDs
Essence of Music  
DAC Choices - $5,000 to $7,000
How different is it from the Mystique dac?  
Aries Cerat Helena or Mola Mola Tambaqui?
Sounds great...yes, we already tubes in the system, that probably was a better step. Lovely music too...  
New Mojo Mystique X
Mr Mojo, Iā€™m actually honored you took my suggestions and openly expressed it, that gives me good feeling. šŸ™‚ Simplicity does make a difference, you can always answer complex questions and dilemmas, but again, nothing like keeping it simple and use... 
New Mojo Mystique X
Mr Mojo, yes, that's the way to do it, now anybody looking at SE model can clearly see what the upgrade is. Way easier... For future reference Branislav, if you want know the differences between different models, go to the bullet point features ... 
New Mojo Mystique X
Thank you. I never knew how to do that. I can see why it could have been confusing. 
New Mojo Mystique X
I challenge anybody to go to Mojo's website for few minutes and tell me the difference between their X and X SE model.... 
New Mojo Mystique X
That is a quote from a fellow Audiogoner few comments further reaction to it is right upper half is quote, bottom half, me... 
New Mojo Mystique X
I never had Mojo dac nor claimed I did. 
New Mojo Mystique X
I had the Mojo Mystique Evo B2B with the A Core upgrade for awhile. This DAC does sound very organic and natural, which is seductive at first. That said it does so at the cost of smoothing over details, higher noise floor and coloration in tone. I... 
New Mojo Mystique X
Advice I'd like to humbly offer to the Mojo guy is not assume everyone is an engineering geek and knows what a freaking Lundahl Amorphous Core or some ERS paper barriers shielding is...these are some of the options listen that you have to pick and... 
SW1X Audio Design DAC II Absolute Top Tier Ref NOS DAC
3 years ago but anyway, what did you think of level 3 vs level 2? 
SW1X dacs
So what's the deal with the usb input? Can't I just run USB cable from my computer and plug it directly into SW1X? If that's the case 'm not sure I've heard of such a thing at this day and age.... 
Economical CD Transport - Thoughts?
Computer. You probably already have one.