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Absolute top tier DAC for standard res Redbook CD
I would not go to RMAF and not check out that room - 2024. Paired with Lampizator, it should be awesome. 
Any thoughts on passive v. active speakers?
Im considering Dynaudio xeo4 and Focus 200 XD as pretty much complete system and any insights would be greatly appreciated. Wish I could go to RMAF :-( 
Absolute top tier DAC for standard res Redbook CD
Those were my impressions of the Allnic too, it sounded thin and not colorful like a tube dac could. My Lamp Big6 just killed it, just like it did everything else. Congrats on finding the speaker, that's probably the biggest step. 
What's with the short speaker stands?
Thank you Mapman for alerting me to these. I may consider a different route altogther now that I found about these. 
Rowland Aeris vs Aesthetix Romulus Signature
Top tier solid state vs tube. That's what this is going to come down to.... 
What's with the short speaker stands?
Thank you for all the responses. I agree that with floorstanders it adds to the expenses quite a bit, but to make a stand few inches higher should be a non issue from financial point. I wonder if anyone used some platforms underneath stands? 
Favorite CD treatment Products
The biggest drawback is that is takes almost 5 minutes if you want to apply it by the book. Ok if you just listen to one album, but for some of us short attention span audiophiles who listen to variety of stuff, it can be a little bit of an issue.... 
Favorite CD treatment Products
Essence of Music, without a doubt. Tried probably 5 different ones.... 
Absolute top tier DAC for standard res Redbook CD
Doesn't it sound weird having a tweeter so low to the ground? 
who has the best recommended product reviews
Devilboy, I wholeheartedly agree. 
La Scala II problem
I thought we're talking about Focal speakers, lol... 
How much does your system retail for?
What is retails for in MSRP or what it can be sold on AG for these days? Big difference.... 
Anybody compared Dynaudio Xeo3 vs Xeo4?
Nobody? Really? 
Your three favorite audio dealerships?
Scott Warren with Advanced Home Theater / Best Electric. 
Does alcohol impair appreciation of sound?
I find myself much less critical. As a matter of fact, I ended up enjoying just youtube quality with a glass of drink. Seeing a video also enhances my musical enjoyment for some reason.