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Speaker stands for B&W 804s
Unless something changed, you don't bolt 804's to Sound Anchor stands. I used to have N803's and the addition of the Sound Anchor stands was a very nice improvement, where the bass was tightened up and the mid-range gained some clarity. Between th... 
Harbeth M30 Amp suggestions
Luxman and Leben are known to work well with Harbeth. 
Ear Buds? Any good recommendations under $100?
I have been pleased with the NuForce ear buds. 
What time do you wear?
I owned one of those Yacht-masters for a short time. 
What time do you wear?
I would have to concur with Roxy, as I have a Ti wheelchair and I can get it polished as an option, but not cheap. 
The Harbeth phenomenon
This is my personal opinion and I will not tell you why I like them because that doesn't pertain to anyone but me.Then I don't get the point of your post. These are opinion forums. 
Hooking DishNetwork receiver to amp=speaker noise?
Another vote for a ground loop issue. I have had my (various) Dish receivers hooked to my stereo for years and have never had any issues you speak of.I have also used the digital out on the back of my Dish receiver and ran it to my DAC. The sound ... 
Suggested Stands for B&W 805 Diamonds
Agree with Stanwal. 
Plinius Int 9200 or McIntosh 6600 for Dynaudio C1
The C1's are rated at 85 dB, so they like their power. See if you can audition a Luxman integrated. Also, I heard the C1's at a show where Wadia used them with their digital gear and matched it with some tube gear from Octave and it sounded stellar. 
B&W 803D or 804D with ML 335
B&W's naming leaves a lot of confusion. The new line are not called D's, such as, 803D's, rather they are Diamonds; the previous versions are D's.I caution about jumping to the 802's (D's or Diamonds) unless you have a lot of room or you will ... 
B&W 803D or 804D with ML 335
I concur with Joe, the 335 should have no trouble driving them. For speakers, are you talking the brand new series, such as the 803 Diamonds or the previous 803D? 
Best Integrated, period.
Not sure of your point rogalog. 
What time do you wear?
Interesting, I didn't know that. The store I was in recently didn't have it. They did have another I like, the Senator Navigator Auto. 
What time do you wear?
I love the GO watches Mert! I finally got to see them in person a week and a half ago and my opinion only went up. I'd love a Senator Navigator Chronograph. 
Best Integrated, period.
I've owned two No.383's, great design, but not the best nor close.