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Soundproofing Hi-Rise Apt?
Hi Montalk,If you find that physical vibration from your speakers and/or subwoofer is being transmitted through the floor, you will probably find that an anti-vibration platform that decouples would go a long way toward taking care of the problem.... 
Soundproofing Hi-Rise Apt?
Hi Montalk,The easiest and least expensive option is to make sure the seal around your present door is made correctly. There are rubberized sealing sections that you can find at any building supply center like Home Depot that are afixed to the ins... 
Drums reproduction
Hi Richardmr,Drums are one of the most difficult instruments to mike, record and reproduce either through a live sound system or home audio system.Drums and cymbals are able to produce very high energy SPL waves. The nature of the wave is that the... 
cones under your tube amps??
Hi Klk,Please be aware that pointed cones are rigid devices and will not isolate your amp from floor-borne vibrations generated by the speakers. In addition, using only three pointed cones will leave two of the corners of the amp unsupported there... 
Breakthrough Evidence of the Beatle's Genius?
Hi Cwlondon,I've sung "Goodnight" from the White Album to my daughter before bedtime ever since she was born.Best,Barry 
beware ipod
I recently read in Extreme PC magazine that have been faulty battery issues with ipods .Best,Barry 
The Legendary ? Infinity IRS V
I have a set of Infinity IRS series III that have been VERY heavily modified and rebuilt from the ground up - new, much more intense cabinets, extra servo amps, Series V EMIT tweeters (modified) and Series V EMIM diaphragms (modified), Magnaplaner... 
Any good "how to" guides on parametric EQ?
Hi Arthursmuck,You may want to look at websites from pro audio companies such as Rane and Audio Control.Best,Barry 
Do You Remember Your First CD Player?
In the early eighties I was the general manager of a chain of high end audio stores in Southern California (up until 1989). I had been reading about CDs for a few years and couldn't wait to get one in. When they finally became available we ordered... 
Carmina Burana - I need a good CD
Hi Baileyje,Dave Glackin, a reviewer for Positive Feedback magazine, has brought in a wonderful recording of Carmina for many years to my display suites at CES and other audio shows. You may want to check some of his CES reports or reviews to see ... 
Damping Maple Amp Stands?
Hi Dolfan,Please see my posts in the following thread for information that is relevant to your situation: Regards,Barry KohanDiscla... 
auidio alchemy cd players
I believe that Dusty Vader (who used to be the main service person with AA) is able to help with reapair issues. His comapny is called Channel Islands Audio.Barry 
Best Isolation Device for Speakers?
The fact that the support and interface we place under a speaker perceptively changes the sound clearly illustrates the insidious nature of vibration as it relates to an audio system. Almost every aspect of sound reproduction - tonality, spatialit... 
Album which you have listened to most?
I agree with Pisbee about the UHQR of "Crime of the Century". Absolutely amazing!Barry 
Guitar Solos
"Green Earing" by Steely Dan on "The Ryal Scam" album. I think Jeff "Skunk" Baxter played that one.Barry