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Just purchased Wilson Maxx's. Now what ?? Amps?
Since you have your speakers I would look to amp/preamp next. You need to decide on tubes or solid state and go from there. After that I would think about CD/LP. Followed up by cables. Just my 0.02 (before taxes) 
If you weren't at the CES 2002, check this...
Excellent post! Thanks......... 
Battery for Rowland 8Ti
After owning different Rowland gear Ucmgr is correct. If you have good AC than you will not notice great improvment. If you have bad AC it can be magical. I have used the battery on Rowland amps and preamps. 
Zoethecus amp stand
I own both an amp and component stand and would buy them again in a heartbeat. To me these are the best out there. As a matter of fact I'm about to add a second amp stand! Is it costly, yes, is it worth it, yes. Like a dealer once told me you only... 
Where R U?????
Charlotte, NC. 
What transport with dCS Purcell/Delius Setup?
Mikeam, You are correct in your statement. My long range goal is to get the dCS transport. The unit is so new that I can't find a used one yet. But I will keep looking. 
Rap music on high-end speakers
Patrick123, I use to have the same problem where I could not listen to certain CDs in my system. I use to own Avalon Radians, Rowland Model 8, Rowland Synergy II, CEC Transport, Classe DAC1, Cardas Neutral Cables, Linn LP12, Plinius M14 Phono. Now... 
Rap music on high-end speakers
We wonder why "highend" is on its way out. People have you noticed all of the highend companies going out of business? To say someone has to listen to a certain type of music with "highend" gear is just plain stupid. If you feel that way than sorr... 
Rap music on high-end speakers
Tru, Listen to whatever you want to. I listen to R&B and Jazz (non traditional mostly) and I'm into highend. I was at a highend shop once where this guy put in a rap CD and the salesman almost died. The customer asked him what the problem was ... 
Hotrod your Hermes
I'm trying to decide if I should get a preamp (Kora) & SACD/CD (Marantz SA14) or preamp (Kora) & DAC (Kora) & Transport (?) or DAC/Transport w/Volume (used Wadia or ?) The price point of all of them seem to be around the same. 
Hotrod your Hermes
What transport are you guys/gals using with your Kora DAC? 
Dunlavy out of buisness?
Hearhere, You are right. JD has to be getting up in age. Hopefully Dunlavy was just sold and is not going under. Great speakers in my opinion. 
Dunlavy out of buisness?
I had a pair of SC-IV/A and loved them. I ended up moving so I had to sell my system. Some of the best speakers to my ears. I was looking at a pair of SC-V but now that the company is changing hands/out of business I have to look elsewhere. 
Dunlavy out of buisness?
Wow I can't belive this. Now the question is what is about the change with the speakers? Is John Dunlavy still designing the speakers? All of the highend companies are going under/changing hands or something.