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What are the Best FM tuners?
"Sam Tellig in Stereophile raved re the sub $100 Sony."I respectfully disagree about the Sony. True, for the price it really grabs stations, but the tone/fidelity/sound stage/presence is just not in league with the best (albeit much more expensive... 
Advice on sub-$500.00 cd player.
An excellent used Rotel RCD-1072. I have heard many pricier CDP's, and the Rotel is a sure fire winner at your price point. 
Oppo DBP-83 SE for a few hundred more you can have your SE upgraded to the NuForce Edition. High performance for audiophiles of modest means. 
OPPO BDP-83 audio output question
Gerrym5,OK, I'll bite:LFD amplification, Harbeth speakers, LFD cabling, music server connected to Benchmark Dac1 Pre. Yeah, yeah, not the orthopedic surgeon priced bling some bliss out on, but I've enough gear to know NF 83 plays (almost) all disc... 
OPPO BDP-83 audio output question
With all due respect, I'll pass on attempting a review. I'll let others better qualified submit their impressions. Sorry to titillate the fence sitters & then bow-out on the details. 
OPPO BDP-83 audio output question
I've been using the NuForce Edition BDP-83 for about three weeks. Thank goodness I didn't purchase one of those costly universal players, or several stand alone disc players. Yes NF SE is that good. I betcha plenty of highfalutin disc players will... 
The "Tiv" is on more than my stereo
I like the simple on/off switch on my Tivoli Model One, just one energy efficient box - but let's get real, my main stereo & tuner is so much better sounding, but who wants to power-on the electricity eater for sipping coffee with NPR? 
no excitement from my Cambridge 840 cd
I didn't like the six month old 840 I tried out myself. No disrespect to Cambridge Audio in general, I think they are an innovative business. 
Do you ever wonder?
No U2 fan myself. Bono's down with the funky glasses and the single name thing that the celeb/stars gravitate towards - but that music, e-gad!Left Rickie Lee Jones after Pop Pop.Original Bay Area person who can't take the Grateful Dead, Jefferson ... 
Anyone Bought the Oppo bd83 Analog Upgrade?
What really got my attention with the BDP-83SE was this:" truly appreciate the Sabre DAC performance, you must use at least a 24 bit data source."and this:"100% jitter rejection"and this:"..rate conversion is unlimited"One thing I'd like to kn... 
Harbeth SHL5 vs 40.1
Many like the Harbeth sound, some less so: 
What amplifier for Harbeth HL-5?
Best source is kind of a given - no? Who the heck spends a small fortune on audio components and then uses crappy source material? 
Has anyone heard the new OPPO BDP-83SE
No, but soon I will be hearing the OPPO BDP-83SE NuForce Edition in my 2-channel system. 
What amplifier for Harbeth HL-5?
Comments thread:Harbeth's sound just fine with most any decent amp, SS or tube. Harbeth's designer has conveyed this same message over and over. The Harbeth line on sub-implementation with their speakers is "no". Same answer with bi-amping & b... 
Whats the consensus on Zu's loudspeaker cables?
Cable questions. Many opinions. Never a consensus. Time for the extensive home trail & return policy rumba.