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question to Plinius Amp owner
Lak & Danderson,I'm not questioning your opinions but just a little bit confused. If what you said are ture, then it makes me wonders why Plinius bother to add a AB mode switch there ? 
Pass XA100 or X350.5
If the speakers are sensitive enough, XA series probably is the best SS amp IMHO. 
Sorry,need info on Dunlavy again Aletha vs SC-IV
second the claim of "the minimum 8' listening distance" .Also important is the minimum 8' seperation between 2 speakers. The sc-ivs have very big image, probably due to accurate freq response, so 10' + separation and 10'+ listening distance is rec... 
Is the dunlavy SC-IV still worth to buy?
go get sc-iv if your muscle can handle them physically and your room can handle them acoustically. IMO, they are better than Vandy and spendor you mentioned. 2 more catches1. the sweet spot is very small if matters2. since sc-iv is efficient, Pass... 
Pass XA 160 review:life span is 6 years?
"I thought the Aleph models sounded better than the X-series. I'll have to give the XA's a listen"XA is one notch above Aleph, it keeps all the good stuffs in Aleph but with better bass, image and treble. The difference is not trivia so that no A/... 
New Pass Labs X.5 series versus previous X series
wonder how X250.5 compare to XA-200 ? Any idea ? Thanks! 
Amp recommendation for Dunlavy SC V
Dunlavy is efficient the best choice in my opinion will beXA-100 then Aleph-2 and followed b y X-series. 
Microphones ?
behringer ECM-8000 
Bass Response on Dunlavy SC-IVa
It is a very interesting question, cathedral ceiling and Dunlavy 4.I had never known it until I bought a Behringer deq2496. It also took me a week to spot root cause of the problem. However, I got a 20dB hump, instead of suckout, from 45 to 65Hz a... 
What are the Best FM tuners?
Don,What about Sansui TU-9900 ? 
What is the best pre-amp DIY kit for beginners?
Jeff,Zen by Nelson Pass, a diy project with top notch sound ! I'm working on a Aleph P now.Go to for more detail! 
2,000-2,500 speakers
if size is not a problem, Dunlavy SC-4 later version!big step up from 2ce or gold (I owned both once) 
Battle of the BAT's, VK-60 vs. VK-220
Some thinks Aleph is the closest ss amp to SETs in sound (but without their euphonic distortion). It definitely worth a trial! Just wonder how it compares to VK-60 since it is also highly praised. 
Battle of the BAT's, VK-60 vs. VK-220
Tireguy,Is VK-60 better than Nelson's Aleph ? 
How to upgrade from Aragon 4004 mkII amp
If your speaker is efficient (>= 90dB), go get Aleph amp ! The improvement is significant. If not ML 331 or Pass Labs X-x50 is a good one.