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where can you get good step attenuators ?
how about 24-step Ladder Type VR kits with knob and 96 1% Vishay Dale RN60D resistor 
Aurum Cantus ....anyone heard them?
They are OEM for Red Rose! 
Audio Research and Aragon
4004II+ls-3 was my setup once. First, IMO, ls-3 is not warm but very analytical, maybe a little bit cold pairing with 4004.Second, changing from L-1 to LS-3 will not change the sound evidently.Third, if you own either L-1 or LS-3 or smae level pre... 
looking for a warm ss amp....
Tuble pre might not be a good mate to low impedance Aleph amps, though they are super ss amps. my 2 cents! 
Pass Labs ALEPH 5 vs ALEPH 2
Sayas,Thanks ! SC-4 is sensitive so I have never gone beyond 12 o'clock.Back to the orginal topic, IMO, 2 and 3 are the best choices in the Aleph family based on the design and spec if speakers are sensitive enough. 
Tuner Gurus: Opinion on Sansui TU-9900 vs. TU-919
mlg,Check observation aligned with the review's comments !Believe it, TU-9900 is that good ! 
Pass Labs ALEPH 5 vs ALEPH 2
Subaruguru,I haven't pay too much attention to P in the past so have no idea about what you said. But I do remember seeing somewhere that Aleph amp prefers higher pre-amp output and a possible stepping attenuator upgrade for P. Also if I use bigge... 
Pass Labs ALEPH 5 vs ALEPH 2
You're patly right, that's what was shown in service manual but doubling down shown in my owner's manual. Based on its circuit, more likely 200w for 4 ohms. If fact Aleph amp is so good that I'm going to diy myself after the parts and enclosure ar... 
Krell FPB 300cx enough to drive B&W Nautilus 801?
Have you ever try Pass Labs' Alpeh 2 ? Give it a trial, it won't dissapoint you. Arguably best SS ! 
Best DAC for under $500
used Perpetual P-3A for ~$450 !Check the stereophile review'll know why. 
Pass Labs ALEPH 5 vs ALEPH 2
Each outputs 100w into 8 ohm but 200w into 4 ohm for aleph 2 only. I believe aleph 2's have higher bias current and damping factor because separate transformer and separate enclosure for better heat dissipation. 
Is Nelson's pre as good as his amp ?
Any one know what is the hardware and sound difference between v1.0 and v.1.7 in addition to the spec in service manual? Thanks ! 
Good value upgrade from PSB STRATUS GOLDS to ?
Alan,Not efficiency issue. On the contrary, SC-4 is more efficient than Gold. What I meaned is you need a decent amp to realize how good they are. My amp is Aleph 2, the best ss amp to my limited knowledge. 
Good value upgrade from PSB STRATUS GOLDS to ?
It'll be interested to see the comparison among these 3.SC-4 now can be found around $2500, very good value. However they are heavy, ~185lbs/each and tall, 70in. Alan, one thing I'm sure is that no matter which one of the three you pick, your amp ... 
Good value upgrade from PSB STRATUS GOLDS to ?
I have similar size of listening room and went from the Stratus Golds to Dunlavy SC-4, if you can handle their size!