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Pass Labs ALEPH 5 vs ALEPH 2
Mr. Nelson mentioned more than once publicly 2 is his favorite ! I owned 5 and own 2. IMO, 2 is better. Maybe I should try 3 since my speakers are on the sensitive side. 
Ideas for Dedicated Transport with Upsampling DAC?
Audio alchemy DDS-Pro + Perpetual P-1A + P3-A + OPA627 with I2S all the way. Hard to beat ! 
Top Ten Tuners of all Time??
Don told me that TU-9900 is one of the best !My personal experience points that it is better than the highly regarded TU-919. 
The best DAC for the money
None mentioned perpetual duo or trio ? 
Tuner Gurus: Opinion on Sansui TU-9900 vs. TU-919
One more point that can not be too emphasiezd for good FM reception is the alignment. If you are handy you can also try replacing the caps on the audio signal path, which is what I plan to do next. 
Tuner Gurus: Opinion on Sansui TU-9900 vs. TU-919
NOt in my opinion !In fmtunerinfo web, go to sansui page and read the words on 9900. If their words and ranking make any sense, it won't dissapoint you ! I had not listened to FM often becasue of its poor performance, not any more after I got my 9... 
Tuner Gurus: Opinion on Sansui TU-9900 vs. TU-919
I have a 9900. It is very good and totally changes my impression on FM radio. Unfortunately, do not have experience on 919 and can not provide the comparison. 
best monitor speaker under $1k, new or used
How does the above recommended compare with Triangle's Titus 202 ? Thanks ! My amp is Aleph 5 in a 16wx24lx13H room. 
Musical Fidelity A3 or Pass Labs Aleph 30
Gary,Tube preamp might not be a good idea 1. no need to add warmth to Aleph as mentioned by Sean2. The output impedance of tube preamp normally is too high for Aleph! My 2 cents ! 
Best sounding: Aleph 0s or Aleph 3 ?
How about Aleph 5 ? also 2-stage with double wattage ! 
Aleph 5 + Dunlavy 4
Sean & FelixI just took off the grille and checked. I think, for mids, the felt is designed to limit both vertical and horizontal dispersion equally and for tweeter, the felt limits a little bit more vertical dispersion than horizotal dispersi... 
Aleph 5 + Dunlavy 4
Viggen, you thought sounds like "you know what you are talking about" to me. Did you imply something like Z6 or Z8 ? I know low resistanve is better, how about capacitance and inductance ? Which direction is better ? I found 
Aleph 5 + Dunlavy 4
Hi Felix, I did try following the manual and the essential points (wide separation and distance) but the long wall setup and toe-in. Long wall setup is not the option for my listening room arrangement. In my past experience, I do not like the soun... 
Aleph 5 + Dunlavy 4
Thanks again !I did see Drubin's comment on impedance match !I got a ratio of 46 = 23k/0.5k, how is it ? Maybe this number accounts for a little bit bass shy. AI L-1 or Aleph P of my once candidate won't improve this ratio. I did do something on t... 
Aleph 5 + Dunlavy 4
Thanks for the responses !Drubin, I guess what I want to know is if A/D combo is what it should be or a little bit bass-shy, especially both KSA and PSB are known for their bass performance or too exagerated. In fact I'm not sure if I need more po...