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Qobuz dropping rights to my favorites. A pox on their house (resubmit)
If I like a track, I buy the .flac file, usually from Occasionally, only a CD is available; I usually don't want all the tracks, so it is a rare occasion when I buy the CD.    
HELP!!!! Newbie looking for a decent 2 channel power amp in the $1,000 range
No preamp, just direct from a DAC? I second your aversion to Emotiva. I tried one of their products and found it bright and just not what I would call hi-fi. Van Alstine Vision SET 120 Power Amplifier, $1,199.00. 
Yes, a tube pre-amp paired to a solid state power amp is the best way to use tubes. Tube power amps that get it right are expensive, and maintaining a power tube complement can be a pain, to your wallet among other things. My Van Alstine Transcen... 
Mid-fi tube vs high-end SS
I don't know the Van Alstine DVA 225, but my system uses his Transcendence 10RB preamp into a FirstWatt F8 (by Pass). With compatible speakers, the sound is musical (not "artificial") but not colored one way or the other. It made me a believer in... 
Bob Carver tube amps
I just read two recent reviews in Audio Science was horrible with two amps.. he even found a loose screw in the box And worse. They documented that the actual power output of the 275 was a small fraction of the published "spec." As ... 
My first tube integrated: which one to get?
Yup, Quicksilver Integrated. Ideal for a small room and speakers of reasonably high sensitivity such as your Focal 926's. Worked great with my Focal 906's.  
Looking for Advice on Focal Speakers
I am happy with Focal 906's. A light cotton curtain over the window right behind the listening seat was quite helpful. I bought the used 906 pair at about half price on craigslist.    
Pass Then vs. Pass Now
My FirstWatt F8 is terrific, driven by a tube preamp. Your Devore Gibbon 3xl speakers have a high enough sensitivity that the F8 can drive them just fine.    
Streamed music sounds awful in my system and I don't know why ....
Almost free experiment to try first: get the Minimserver program onto your PC. It will take the place of WMP. You may want to get BubbleUpNP if you have an Android device, too, which you would use as a convenient way to select the stream or file.    
Router for Audio Streaming
Audio streaming does not need much speed, a few hundred kilobits per second at most. The router can send tens or hundreds of megabits around the network. So you really need a lot of devices going at once before you have worries about an audio stre... 
Aurender N200
I keep music on the drives of my desktop computer. The minimserver app manages it. A selection from a drive or from the Internet goes out on our wi-fi to a receiver (one of several available in the $200-400 range), which feeds the DAC. I didn't se... 
Recommendation for low to normal level listening a 13.5' x 21' x 8' room
I have a similar room and tastes. Focal Aria 906 speakers have been just fine. I did find that the preamp and amp mattered. With the wrong ones, for example, the top end was too bright. But I finally landed equipment that gives me the sound you de... 
tube pre & ss amp integrated
Why do you require integrated? Do you rule out a tube preamp feeding a solid state power amp?    
Need suggestions on efficient book shelf speakers for a Pass Labs XA3.5
Focal Aria 906s work great with a FirstWatt F8. Conservatively rated at 89.5 dB sensitivity.    
Time to upgrade the pre-amp.
Van Alstine Transcendence RB 10.