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Best Digital Audio CDR for standalone CD Recorder?
I 1st got into CDR because I've always been into my home-made compilations and have 100's of cassettes that I've done over the years so CDR was the logical way to go for me. I started out with the abysmal phillips recorder, it would freeze/fail wh... 
Who likes LATIN JAZZ?
!!??.....Did somebody wake up on the wrong side of their cowbell this morning!?;)Before questioning my reading abilities, since a number of posters agreed with what I wrote, you may want to check out your writing abilities. Not only does your 1st ... 
Ipod Into The Main System
RW - I'm pretty sure I'm playing lossy, I've read going the lossless route results in superior audio but, plz correct me if I'm wrong, doesn't that result in less storage space? With it only being a 4GB truthfully, I've never considered using it i... 
Who likes LATIN JAZZ?
"...what turns me off is the percussion..."!!??I can't decide whether you're for real or not but regardless, your post was most amusing. I'm reluctant to say this to anyone because I'm so very pro-Latin Jazz, but perhaps this genre isn't for you. ... 
Goodbye CD's
Currently I have 5 CD's coming to me from various mail-order sevices. I rec'd a 40% discount coupon from Borders so I went in yesterday to pick up the new Pat Metheny (Amazing!!) and was surprised to see the CD section severely reduced, and the ra... 
Atlanta, Ga.
Count me in!! I've lived in NY, Pittsburg, San Diego, & S. Florida. Wherever I've gone I always managed to make a few audiofiliac friends....EXCEPT Atlanta!! I'm sure it's on me for whatever reason but yeah, let's hook up!;) 
Atlanta, Ga.
I'm not sure that the Society still exists. Their website hadn't been updated in quite some time the last time I checked. I even sent an e-mail inquiring about joining and never rec'd a response.Maybe it's time to start a new club?? 
Eat more records..no more?
I happened to pass by as they were loading the last displays. I asked if they were closing or just re-locating. Unfortunately, they've gone out of business. 
Music Reference RM9 - user comments please
Plz follow up with a review of the RM9 SE. I'm a long-time RM9 owner and only recently have learned of the existence of these 'super' RM9's. I'm very interested about this amp. 
Music Reference RM9 - user comments please
I've owned mine for about 5 yrs and couldn't be happier. Interestingly enough, I had occasion to speak Roger Modjeski a few years ago and when I told him I owned a pair of Spendor S100's he suggested I try connecting to the 4ohm tap. I didn't and ... 
Live infectious funk jams....quality recordings
Check out TOP alumnus Doc Kupka's band; Dr. Funk, and the Strokeland Superband - Bumped Up To 1st Class. Authentic East Bay Grease, TOP style!! 
What Happened to CD Clubs & Stores to Buy CDs?
My biggest problem with buying online is that you have to know something exists before buying. One of the true joys of shopping at Tower or other brick and mortar shops was discovering NEW stuff that was either just released OR that you weren't ev... 
Better than my 32" Sony Wega XBR?
The Sony 34" CRT series, #'s 510, 910, 960, 955 were all flat, rectangular, and outstanding! No longer made but the beauty is these amazing machines can be had for as little as $300 on Craigslist and Ebay, get 'em while you can! 
Who needs a MM cartridge type when we have MC?
I picked up a Grado Sonata as a back-up for my Ortofon Kontrapunkt/Linn Ittok/Lp12 some time ago. Recently my cart bit the dust so I loaded the Sonata. Although very highly rated I was thoroughly underwhelmed. What's more, I found the Sonata/Ittok... 
Afro-Cuban Jazz
If you're serious about Latin music:Descarga.comMuseodeldisco.comchuyvarela.com