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Stereophile Article - Holt telling it like it is.
JGH's column was breath of fresh air! Whether one agrees or not is secondary to finally hear some good old-fashioned bitchin'! Can anyone remember when HP used to rip into letter-writers back in the day? Prior to then the most kicks I ever got fro... 
Fusion - Any Recommendations?
I'm a big fan of Fusion. Whenever I see this question asked elsewhere, the results always mirror what I'm seeing here; the majority of the rec's are from 30+ years ago and/or groups like Fourplay are mentioned. Don't get me wrong, I dug Fourplay's... 
Modern day female jazz recommendations
Anat Cohen - 'Noir' & 'Poetica' - Released on the fabulous Anzic label, both recorded beautifully. This Sax/Clarinet player's star is shining nova-white right now. These record's are must-haves for any music-lover!! 
The Importance of Audio Furniture
Of all the tweaks I've implemented in my system, the one that TRULY caused the greatest, immediate, audible improvement (one that could be heard without squinting my ears ;)was when I got my Billy Bags equipment rack. Sometimes when tweaking, I TH... 
TV's... what does the typical audiophile have?
The Sony 34" XBR's are amazing machines, obviously I own one. The best thing is, I got mine from Ebay for $600, including the dedicated stand! I occasionally browse and it amazes me when I see the prices on these fine TV's. Yeah, she's a tube TV a... 
Pat Metheny Fans, Great Suggestions Please ??
Very surprised that no one's mentioned his exceptional work on Michael Brecker's last recording, 'Pilgramage'. It's the best work I've heard from Metheny in quite some time! 
Best guitar explosion of all time
Mahavishnu John McLaughlin - Mahavishnu Orchestra - Inner Mounting Flame. Being a devout fan (then and now). Jimi's death hit me very hard emotionally and left me feeling a huge void would be left unfilled. The MO album came out and I honestly pic... 
recommended reading
Laura Dearborn's 'Good Sound' was the definitive book on Audio in the '90's. Harley's book is the best of it's kind currently, end of discussion! 
Retail Music Stores Gone
I really miss Tower also. In NY I frequented the uptown and downtown stores for decades (the one on L.I. never counted for me!). The thing I miss the most was going in and finding stuff I never knew existed or new stuff by artists I dig that I did... 
Is HDCD dead?
Picked up this gem at my local used CD shop:The Beach Boys Classics-Selected by Brian Wilson. Done in HDCD, glorious!! 
Is HDCD dead?
I think it's a question of marketing. NOW would be the time for a HDCD marketing blitz. New titles being released all the time, sonic quality comparable to the 'other' formats, but at regular CD prices. It's a no-brainer! 
Is HDCD dead?
Hey! Just got back from my used CD shop where I picked up the Ricky Skaggs/Bruce Hornsby record (killer bluegrass!) and the new Neil Young 'Live in '71'(outstanding record!). Both are HDCD's! AND they only cost $7.99!! whoo-hoo!!! 
Is HDCD dead?
I must be honest, I don't own any SACD or DVD-A discs! I got into the machine for the video and when I saw the ridiculous price I figured why not go for the whole enchilada? Here's a link to some reviews by users (10 pages!!);http://www.hdtv-sourc... 
Is HDCD dead?
I'm the proud owner of an Arcam FMJ CD23T, an HDCD player that continues to be my main CD player BUT....I also own the Oppo DV-981HD. This giant killer plays DVD-Audio, SACD, and HDCD. Has HDMI output for your video plus up to 480P output. The thi... 
Big Bass Drum Jazz
Don't know if you're into Fusion/Rock/Jazz BUT....drummer Simon Phillips released 2 albums; 'Another Lifetime' & 'Out of The Blue ("Another Lifetime - Live"). Besides being 2 of the finer Fusion efforts released within this past decade there's...