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Your latest "HOT " secret music............
Shemekia Copeland!! Dr. John Produced and plays on her latest and it's absolutely killa!!!Michael Landau - Tales From The Bulge Karizma - Document 
Please help, obsessive audiophile question
I suffer from this same problem and I've always made the adjustment with my balance control. This past year I made the leap to tubes. I've bought a Music Reference RM9 amp and a RM5 MkIII preamp and I'm lovin' em! I didn't realize that I was causi... 
Why Linear Tracking never took off?
Wazzup Everybody!I had a Revox 791 AND a Maplenoll. The Revox was decent anf the Maplenoll was a killa! But I got tired of the fuss and the pumps and what-have-you so I've been happy for the last 15 years with my LP12. 
live dvd/v concerts
Not a live concert but an amazing musical event, Calle 54, the Latin Jazz Documentary.