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If You Like Funk: Check Out Vulfpeck
If you like TOP, you oughtta chk out the pride of Las Vegas; Santa Fe & the Fat City Horns!https://youtu.be/eywvENYdv8Y 
If You Like Funk: Check Out Vulfpeck
Love da Funk!!!  An artist that's currently doin' it to it comes from New Orleans (of course!); Jon Cleary.  All his records are solid but his last two; Occapella & Go Go Juice are real killas!  Just downloaded the advance single from his upco... 
Jazz Noir suggestions
The Bob Snieder/Joe Locke Film Noir Project - Fallen Angel - Should be right up yr alley! 
My Father's Place ?
2 clubs from that era come to mind that, for me, were equally as prolific at booking the amazing bands of the day.  So many of these bands went on to play stadiums so seeing them in such close quarters was special.  One notch level down class-wise... 
My Father's Place ?
It was an extraordinary time, amazing, historic music could be regularly experienced for less than 10 bucks!  Here's an example.  I caught a group; Winters Consort (the band that fathered Oregon!), who played 2nd to Procol Harum at the the Fillmor... 
My Father's Place ?
It's sad that, unlike the Fillmores's, a comprehensive list of all the acts and dates that appeared there apparently doesn't exist.  Its great fun (if you were a regular, I was!) to go to the Fillmore website and see the shows I went to with the c... 
Who still listens to their First Generation Cd Players?
Of all my 'oldies' the one I most regret losing is my Mission DAD7000.  Basically a modded ol' skool Magnavox, she was sweet! 
Sound Anchor Stands
Bought my SA stands 27 yrs ago when I bought my Spendor S100's!  When I bought them they didn't come with any 'badges' or anything.  Last year I contacted SA and asked about purchasing a set of badges for my stands.  The lady was very kind and tol... 
Takes one to know one
I've always felt that Levon's last records before passing are the most 'Band-ish' sounding.  I'm sure all you Band fans have them but I most highly recommend Dirt Farmer and Electric Dirt to anyone that hasn't.  Outstanding music!  His live 'Rambl... 
Quincy Jones Interview
Q stopped being relevant to me when he 4ever linked himself at the hip to MJ.  This interview read like the ramblings of a stoned out old goober! 
exceptional voices of female singers (non-classical)
Megan HiltyShayna SteeleLalah Hathaway 
The New Spendor Classic 1/2
I've owned my Spendor S100's for 28 yrs(!).  IF I ever need to make a change, I've always believed the Harbeth 40.1's would be my next 'great ones'! 
Store auditioning and then buying on-line from others. How do you feel about it ?
As far as paying 'fees' for a dealers time when yr at their store.  I'd try to always buy a few accessories or LP's (if available).  The dealer never knew I was doing this to ease my conscience!;) 
On/Off switch for RM_9 Mk1 does anyone know the voltage that isneeded for switch?
Just last week I called Ram labs with a question about my RM9.  Got voicemail so (at their suggestion) I emailed them.  Roger answered in less than 24 hrs, with a suggestion that actually solved my problem!  Can't ask for much better customer supp... 
Greatest rhythm sections
Don Grolnick, Will Lee, & Steve Gadd have been the rhythm section for SO many great bands and records!