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After a long, long sleep: ML-335
Beautiful amp and you’re so fortunate to have an item so loved by your dad. My guess is that it’s fine. But if you could find a local tech to have a look-see, that would be money well spent. Check DIYaudio or AudioKarma for references.   
Focal Aria 948
I have 936’s (6” woofers vs 8” in your 948’s) and the bass is outstanding. Please note that the impedance curve drops below 3 ohms in the mid bass region. With a PrimaLuna integrated and a Mac MA352, I’ve enjoyed those speakers immensely. I even d... 
Do CD Transports benefit much from upgraded power cords?
JB71 isn’t wrong and doesn’t deserve ridicule. Here’s my take. We all hear differently. I enjoy clean, clear vocals, tight full bass, soundstage, the sound of the venue, etc., but simply cannot hear 1/10th of what many here do. Example…I use both ... 
Do CD Transports benefit much from upgraded power cords?
Perhaps I’m overlooking something obvious but a CD transport is an optical device. Power spins the disc and powers the laser which require a minuscule amount of current. I can’t imagine a power cord would have any detectable sonic effect. Why not ... 
Why on earth?
The amazing power of suggestion.   
Does someone’s opinion affect your opinion?
@roxy54 nailed it in the initial response to the OP. Please don’t waste money based on the perception/bias of another. Try to have the confidence to know what you like and enjoy it.   
I used to think pricey interconnects were snake oil...
Achieving “different” sound quality with cabling is certainly possible.    Achieving “better” sound quality is in the ear of the listener.    I often chuckle when I read of one component killing another. And making a purchase recommendation as a... 
Perlisten S5t
@tonydennison Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe he inquired about sound quality.    High horses not required.   
Will China become the poor man’s dealer for high end audio?
Exorbitant (and short sighted) prices from domestic manufacturers have opened the door for China and welcomed them into high end audio. So yes, they will capitalize on the opportunity.    I type this while listening to my Denafrips DAC.   
Amplification question - PrimaLuna Tubes vs. McIntosh Solid State
And then there is the Mc hybrid integrated. Tube pre and SS power amp.    Just to confuse the issue a bit.   
Digital music questions
Another vote for a BlueSound Node through an external DAC. In my case a Denefrips Pontus ii 12th. Remember, you can spend a large fortune to result in a minuscule change to sound quality. And there’s a difference between “better” sound and “differ... 
Totem Mani-2 vs Devialet Phantoms Gold
Consider a quality sub carefully integrated.   
Simple question, probably stupid
I suspect they’ll sound great fresh out of the box…with potential to improve even further from there with time. Admittedly I’m a bit of a burn-in skeptic anyway. It’s a very convenient way to minimize returns. I won’t mention the brand but was to... 
Duntech Sovereign, Dunlavy IV, V, VI purchase make sense today?
I had SC4’s for many years without a moment of dissatisfaction. In fact I still use Dunlavy speaker cables with my Focal speakers. If the size isn’t an issue and you can find a nice clean pair, I’d say it’s a worthy pursuit.  
Lots of interesting responses. I’ll only add that Mr. Bourne isn’t completely wrong. Lots of $$$ have been burned component swapping for results that don’t exist. I’d also urge caution following those who tie the price tag directly to the improvem...