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exceptional voices of female singers (non-classical)
And as relates to female voice recommendations, a poster to turned me on to this album; Billy Childs-Map To The Treasure: Reimagining Laura Nyro- This one is on CD or download only (as far as I know) and is very moving; https://ww... 
Anybody watch the Grammys tonight?
I second the thumbs up for the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra. The Concertmaster, Steven Copes is a regular performer/teacher here in Colorado Springs at our Colorado College Summer Music Festival. 
exceptional voices of female singers (non-classical)
Try "The Banks of the Nile" sung by Sandy Denny with her group Fotheringay... 
exceptional voices of female singers (non-classical)
AND....Sarah VaughanBetty Carter Dusty Springfield Ella (duh) 
exceptional voices of female singers (non-classical)
Some of the same as mentioned by others and some I love I didn't see mentioned;Sandy DennyAlison Krauss Laura NyroDionne Warwick Joni Mitchell Anaïs Mitchell (No relation) Saw her live recently...unbelievable beauty in her voice, great songwriting... 
Buyer wants copy of passport?
No I would not...99% sure this is a scam artist looking for an opening. 
My jazz collection told me to get a *real* system
Hello there....I too am a Jazz fan, collecting LPs for over 40 years, and another guy who recommends tubes but there are some great SS UK integrated amps that may do it for you. This dealer is in Campbell and really knows his stuff and stocks a gr... 
Why is modern pop music today so terrible?
I second the recommendation on Anais Mitchell...incredible voice, great songwriter and guitar....I heard about her because I am lucky enough to live in an area with 2 classical stations, 1 new jazz station and a great college station with "free fo... 
Can headphones ever be as good as high end stereo?
I echo the thoughts of others...keep your speaker based system if you love it that much. You will really regret selling/trading it and it may build some unhealthy undercurrent of resentment between you and the spouse. My wife is an audiophile too....