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A Car Stereo Question
I had a Mitsubishi 3000 that had an input on the dash. Many Blaupunkt after market units have an AUX input on the back and for $12 you can buy a cable adapter (eg, from Crutchfield) that lets you access this input. 
Transport Recommendations Please.
Also, aftermarket headphone cable makes another significant difference with HD600s. The Cardas will be more open with good extension on both ends. My favorite, the Stefan Audio Arts Equinox gives a more natural (some would say laid-back) sound IMO... 
Transport Recommendations Please.
Digital cables also make a substantial difference. Cardas Lightning 15 has warm bass and mids while retaining detail in the highs. The cable looks like a Cardas Golden Reference. 
Is vinyl dead ?
Nrchy, With a little work, that last line of yours could be the next country music chart-buster. 
What do You listen to?
If you're looking for structure in classical music, try the relatively recent re-release of Bach's Goldberg Variations by Glen Gould entitled a State of Wonder (his original 1955 recordings and then his 1981 recordings of the same pieces plus an i... 
Where do you draw the line???
Sorry, some of us are professional magicians. 
Where do you draw the line???
Stereo is an auditory illusion and we are all amateur magicians. 
Good speaker cables for tube amp's??????
I'm using Mapleshade Double Golden Helix Plus. I would describe their sound as very coherent and well balanced. 
300B Tubes - Which is Best?
I liked the Sophia TJ 300B meshplate.Check out 'Chilling at the Bee-Hive, A Group Test of Nine Different 300B Valves:'www.enjoythemusic.com/magazine/equipment/1201/300b/ 
Budget pre-amp for computer/office system
I put together a very similar computer system from old equipment (e.g., Adcom GFA-535 II). I'm using the Channel Island Audio VPC-1 passive preamp that sells new here on Audiogon for $249 including shipping from Underwoodwally. Works fine. 
Do tube dampers really work?
I'm using a set of 6 Hal-O tube dampers from Herbie's Audio Lab (on both preamp and amp). The cost was $95 with a 90 day money back guarantee. There's no way mine are going back. The change in my system was dramatic. 
Electric guitar cable?
I use diy cables made with DH Labs BL-1 bulk wire (two conductor shielded). 
CD player Vs Pre-amp
I've personally not liked the 'CD to amp' approach in those setups I've tried. If you don't need gain I'd suggest the Decware ZSLA-1 linestage(6922 or 6N1P) for $475 new (with 30 day trial). Only down side is that it takes 4-6 weeks to have one bu... 
What cables should I get?
Completely agree with Jsawhitlock. Wait for the new preamp and amp. When you hear them through cables you are already familiar with, you'll hear more obviously what the preamp and amp are doing. Feeding everything with clean power really helps esp... 
Bulk calble for xlr ICs on HT
You can purchase bulk DH Labs BL-1 cable from Audio Concepts Inc for $3.25/ft. I've used this for balanced cables and find it preferable to Beldon-based cables.www.audioc.com/accessories/bl1.htm