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Whole house voltage regulation
I've used a Furman AR-1215 AC Line Regulator (about $450) that 'delivers a consistent 117V anywhere within capture range of 97-131V AC.' Makes a notable difference but needs to be located other than in your listening room due to a noticable hum th... 
Whats the deal with these antique sound labs av-8s
I have seven in a 7.1 HT system with Soliloquy speakers. They sound great. 
Recommend upgrade for NAD C541
Correction: My Tannoy System 8s are 94dB/w. 
Recommend upgrade for NAD C541
May be a synergy issue:I use an NAD C541 with a C350 into Tannoy System 8 (92dB/w) sudio monitors and get great results for jazz, blues, .... I tried this cdp into my AES/Cary tube pre and amp into Merlin VSM-Ms (which I use for classical) and tho... 
Any one try pa amplifiers for home stereo?
I've used Crown, Hafler, and QSC in pro applications (both in clubs and home project studios). Each has its own sound. Relatively (and superficially) speaking I would describe the Crown as pristine, the Hafler as warm, and the QSC somewhere betwee... 
halogen lighting?
I have halogens on a dimmer in my living room with my HT system. Though I have a Tice AV power conditioner, when I dim the lights I can hear noise comming through my system. This is minimized by turning the halogens all the way up. If you plan on ... 
Mail Boxes Etc. now to be called the UPS Store
I'm biased because the lady who drives the UPS truck brings my dog biscuits. My local MBE owner said the price will be lower for UPS but obviously there won't be a choice any longer. 
Let's forget about being politically correct
I added a Tact RCS 2.0 to my stystem (tube pre and amp). Then I removed the preamp to try the simpler is better approach. This configuration didn't last through the first song. I put the preamp back in and it's been there ever since. YMMV 
Merlin VSM-M & TSM-M In Same System
I had a pair of TSMs on loan before I bought VSMs. Though they are both excellent speakers with the same attention to detail in their design and construction, to my ears they had different tonal characteristics. The TSM might be a better match tha... 
What causes imaging or the lack of it
There are two kinds of phase problems. Relative phase where one channel has a switched phase relative to the other. This is where you need to check all your connections. The other is absolute phase. This is where the channels are the same but the ... 
Have you gone hi-rez? Which format and why?
I backed my way in. I have a dvd changer for my HT system that displeased my wife when she wanted to rent a dvd and play it once. So I picked up a single dvd player, a Sony that has SACD capability (quite inexpensive). I now have a small SACD coll... 
Will I hear better sonic from WE300B on my system
I've also wondered about WE300Bs. I use Sophia Meshplates in my AES SE-1 which I like very much ($300 a pair), but I've never heard the WEs. Anyone compare these two? 
song title that is memorable
I'm not sure if it's the title, but Albert Collin's, while singing the blues, reminds his woman that 'a good fool is hard to find.' 
How much Power do speakers really use ???????
Though the following is oversimplified, it's what I use when thinking about this issue.I use a speaker with an 89dB/w sensitivity (and ignore how it was measured). I assume that peaks on the order of 15dB must be accommodated (a figure I remember ... 
Putting floorstanding speakers on stands...
I have not used stands but have experimented with tilting the speakers back by adjusting the height of the spikes (as described in the Merlin owner's manual). Well worth the time to find a position that suites your taste regarding imaging.