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Those that upgraded from Tekton
The 💩 has shown up. How can so many people hate a speaker so many seem to love?   
Crutchfield Customer Service
Yes, but when they say in early June (2021 for example) that they are taking orders for $611center channels that retail for $1,099 and they’ll be in stock on July 16 and all you need is $1 and a credit card to order one, be prepared to be charged ... 
Potential Pair of Great Bookshelf Speakers for Sale!
Well, the Harbeth’s run the signal through about 30 POS network components, so long term, they have a ceiling. You’ll never be able to upgrade the network without running it as external. Just not enough room to make a double-sided PCB network rack... 
Iphone 13 Qobuz to McIntosh 2100 maximum lossless
Call Audioquest or check their website. I’m clueless.   
Attractive Bookshelf - Under $3k
From what I have seen so far, Harbeths are so chock full of cheap parts on their crossover boards, you’d have to build a double crossover board and mount it externally to rid them of all their $.18-$.50 cent Chinese parts. They use over 30 of them... 
Mcintosh DA2 vs Denafrips Termiantor 2 dac
Well I joined the Silversmith FIDELIUM Speaker cable club today
You didn’t read that right. Go back again, and go slowly.   
Ps audio aspen FR 30 Loudspeakers
PS Audio is a legit company. From what I’ve seen, this speaker had a predecessor that was too impractical to ship and properly setup. I have no qualms at all that this new speaker was built to recover all that lost R&D and start and stop produ... 
Ps audio aspen FR 30 Loudspeakers
Yeah, you should have. Thanks for acknowledging it.   
Thinking Hybrid Integrated.
You might need to buy used. I’m very happy with the MA252 I bought used here from a fellow member. He was too. Got a note from him today about how he’s missing it while he waits for the MA352 he has on order.   
Who actually heard the Infinity IRS?
I still own the little brother to them. Made with the same drivers and meant to be  an item for people that wanted the same sound, at lower volume and with a much smaller footprint. That is the Infinity Modulus 90 sub/sat system with the servo co... 
The sound quality from DACs - is it all the same?
He could be your dumbest relative. Do you have any kin that live outside your own imagination?   
Least Expensive Power Conditioner/Surge Protector That Won't Worsen Sound
If they are doing it right, parts are marked up 5 times in manufacturing. The other costs you mentioned should be marked up 3 times, including labor. Then, that price is doubled twice before the point of purchase. The margins in audio are what mak... 
Interest in 2-channel/stereo audio and prices here and other sites
Immersive audio is the new thing. Artists that hear it, want their catalogues remixed  in immersive. Holographic stereo is still the goal with 2-channel, and it’s still a good goal. But immersive Atmos upmixed music is beyond holographic. It just ... 
Fedex and Ups Damage thread
My latest purchase was a new RPM5 TT that arrived from the dealer with a tonearm damaged beyond repair, according to Pro-Ject. Dealer says they are sending new tonearm but can’t give a timeline or get the name of the manufacturer right. In every c...