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Can we finally put Reel to Reel out of its misery? Put it to rest people.
I own three RTR's, two are Teacs, one is the Akai GX-636. I enjoy the process of threading the tape (I worked in computers years ago when tape drives were commonplace), and the sound to me is still preferable in many aspects to some formats (FM fo... 
"You cannot handle the truth"
Marketing is all about making you dissatisfied with what you have (i.e., the new, improved Tide!) and as a group, us audiophiles are prime candidates to buy into their spiel. Don't get me wrong....I enjoy getting new gear just as much as the next ... 
Does anyone play two pairs of speakers at the same time?
I run several 2-channel systems and have multiple speakers in two of them that I listen to simultaneously (the speakers, not the systems). My favorite actually has three sets of speakers....ADS L-570s, an ancient pair of Genesis Physics 1s, and a ... 
Vindication at Last!
Mixing XLR/RCA Outputs on Marantz AV-8801 Possible?
Boy, do I feel dumb (maybe?)…..I loaded my B&K 200.7 amp into the rear of my CRV and positioned it sideways, with the binding-posts facing to the right. Since I'm right-handed, and because I'm OCD, I tested each binding post to see if it was s... 
Mixing XLR/RCA Outputs on Marantz AV-8801 Possible?
Thanks for the responses...in the meantime I found a neat XLR to RCA cable by Seismic Audio that will let me make the connection to the PS Audio 2-channel amp. That should put things back on solid footing, I hope. 
Do you listen to equipment or music.
I heard my first real stereo system while serving in Vietnam in 1971 and have been hooked ever since. Maybe not surprisingly, my preference runs toward gear from the 70s era when I want to listen to music and not be concerned with the equipment. B... 
Yanni or Laurel?
I hear Laurel & Hardy 
Yanni or Laurel?
I hear Laurel and Hardy. 
Oppo Ceasing production
I think the combination of 4K and streaming services are the major culprits in Oppo's decision to jump ship. The price jump from DVDs to Blu-Rays years ago was somewhat of a shock, but there was still growth potential there. With the price of most... 
Done, really done!
Just realized my question should have gone to ronrags. 
Done, really done!
zavato -Just wondering.....that system that you purchased in 1974 for $700.....did that come from the long-defunct CMC stereo chain? I still have one of their catalogs from 1976 and all of those brands are in it. 
Store auditioning and then buying on-line from others. How do you feel about it ?
Not cool at all. 
Whats in your second system?
Great thread! It's good to know I'm not the only insane audiophile out there. All of my systems are 'second systems' since I never had the wherewithal at any one time to go whole-hog on a main system. But I don't feel like I've missed out on anyth... 
Remote Possibilities
Good news.....the 308 IS in the Harmony data-base. I had entered two incorrect characters the first time I searched for it. Thanks for all the tipseveryone gave. I'm tired of bending over to push front-panel buttons even though I need the exercise.