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Remote Possibilities
Thanks rar1.....I had e-mailed djacques, but haven't heard back yet. The Harmony 200 could be a solution, but I thought you had to have the original remote for it to learn the code. If it can be entered directly, that would be the best solution fo... 
May Day!
Thanks kr4......I figured #2 out yesterday when I discovered you have totell Audyssey about the second sub and rear surrounds. The HDMI glitch is puzzling.....nothing was assigned to it when I got the unit from the original owner, so it should be ... 
Subwoofers.....Leave On/Off?
Thanks for all responses.....my HVAC thermostat was the culprit in high power bills. My dual Sunfire subs are suing me for libel. 
Get my turntable fixed or buy a new one?
I am in the exact same situation and have opted to get my 320 repaired, mostly for sentimental reasons, since my first real turntable buy was a TD-160 back in the mid-70s. My vinyl collection is fairly modest, maybe 300 or thereabouts, but I have ... 
Subwoofers.....Leave On/Off?
Thanks guys........I appreciate the helpful hints. 
Thanks for your response, auxinput......you confirmed what I had felt about mixing the two types of speakers. BTW, I erred in calling the Mirages dipoles - they are bipolar design, with drivers on the front and rear. 
Marantz Pre-Pro Glitch
Thanks admranger......I have gotten past the HDMI problem, but now I have a situation where the pre-pro is locked onto Zone 2 output mode, limiting all parameters to those that apply specifically to Zone 2. I can't figure out how to 'unlock' Zone ... 
Sellers Beware!!!
Itm #2 is understandable....Vietnam is on the other side of the world/internationaldate line and is 12 hours ahead of us. When we're awake, they're asleep.