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Everything Bach ever wrote
What does BWV stand for when naming his works? 
Everything Bach ever wrote
Radio Three have organised a playing of Toccata and Fuge at as many churches round the UK as possible today, so I'm going to two recitals this afternoon!Brownsfan - no problem! 
Everything Bach ever wrote
I think I have not been clear enough, and probably a little niiave with my knowledge of Bach.I don't hate the singers, or singing. I like it. It's just when they start warbling just to show us how great their voices and talents are, for no apparen... 
Everything Bach ever wrote
Classical1 - yes - for example, currently playing is:Cantata No 172: Erschallet, ihr LiedNot my thing at all, I wish the singers would go for a drink, so I can hear the instruments. :o) 
Joan Baez - Do I just not get it?
I think this is why I hate opera - oh - and Mariah Cary.I know she can hold a note - so why won't she........just stop warbling like a maniac and sing girl!!!! I agree Goaty...a point well made. 
what' your favorite movie to show off your sys. w/
The more expensive my system has become, the worse the relative performance of movies has become. Where studios have *inserted* effects for the benefit of the audience, they are so crushingly obvious it is painful. I had a friend round and we trie... 
The best speaker you ever heard?
sogood - that would be easier to check - I have a trombone - I used to play in a "Brass band'oop Noorth" when I was younger. I'm in the UK - you might not get the accent! 
Music Your Wife Will Really LISTEN To with you ?
Mine hates everything still - says she can't listen to music - too busy - the best I have had so far is when wayching a film - is that rain on the sound track ot outside??Happily (for what it is worth) it was on the soundtrack 
The best speaker you ever heard?
Last week, Accapella Violins. With all Halcro set-up and a turntable - I hated the rackling and pops, but the imaging was close to eerie. I loved the sound. I still asked my host to play some sax - I have still yet to hear a sax that sounds as *br... 
15mm Spades into a Krell Showcase?
Answer is they don't! I have only got on lug into the access area for each cable and kinda clamped it there - not the best connection, but it still works and still sounds a ton better than the cable before it.They don't fit too well intop the back... 
Anyone heard the new Virtual Dynamics Revelation?
FplannerI guess you are right, the pair I have are a bit too long for my needs and hence need to be coiled to take up the slack. Also the spades on them are too big to attach properly to either my Wilsons or my Krell. I have organised a demo of th... 
Anyone heard the new Virtual Dynamics Revelation?
I currently have a pair of revelation cables on demo.I think they sound very good - I am really struggling with them physically - as they are very inflexible, access to binding posts has been a difficulty. Once in place however, they sounds very r... 
The logistics of audio
Hehe Onhwy61 ...... it seems you out-think me at every turn!It seemed to me that I will never buy another pair of speakers until I buy a bigger house. Trouble is bigger houses and more hefty equipment tend to clash a lot on the budget front, with ... 
Watt/Puppy 7 or Sophia?
I said I'd post - I did hear both. In my opinion the differences were marginal, so obviously I bought the Sophias. From here I want to upgrade the rest of my system, but the next port of call would not naturally be the WP7 (8? 9? etc) but the larg... 
The last 5 ?????
Nsgarch - sanity now preserved - thanks for the check! LOL