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A brutal review of the Wilson Maxx
I'm pleased to see a review that isn't just gushing.Personally I've only ever heard WP6 / Sophia and now own Sophia. I disagree not with his arguement, but with his conclusions. Like many here have argued, I have listened, I did like, so I bought.... 
SonusFaber & Lamm ?
I heard SFs with both Art Audio and Audio Research and in my opinion, if you like the smooth sound, you'll not go far wrong with any tube provided you get a suitable matching power.The only issue is the sensitivity - you may find the 18W SET will ... 
Wilson Sophia
I bit the bullet and bought them.The bitter taste is not there since the prices of them over here are nearly double the US price (dealers selling series one for £9k ex-demo) and they are here on audiogon for $9k. The maths really doesn't add up.If... 
Wilson Sophia
I've just agreed, but not paid for a pair of Sophias - should I re-negotiate? I feel I'm getting a bit of a bargain even after shipping and duty because of rip off Britain prices but will prices fall much further? 
Watt/Puppy 7 or Sophia?
I too am looking at both these speakers in the near future. I have only heard the Sophias to date - I'll post what I hear! 
The best speaker you ever heard?
I haven't heard too many of the high end pieces of kit, but I remember specifically a pair of Living Voice speakers - Air Partner I believe - which were stunning - this was about 15 years ago - don't know how much things have moved on since then b... 
Wilson Sophia
I suppose the only way for me to answer this question is to listen back to back, but I'll ask anyway - opinions on WP7 versus Sophia - is the step up worth it? 
Need some help picking a subwoofer
I too have the concertos and use a SF Gravis as my sub. Can sound a bit wooly unless the signal is very clean - other than that, very good. 
Wilson Sophia
Just thinking about pulling the trigger on some wilson kit, I already have Krell, but only a tiny showcase to run my HT set-up. I know a lot of people think the Krell / Wilson sounds too fierce, but then don't consider the front end. I have the Me... 
Wilson Sophia
Medium time lurker here - you flushed me out describing the sophias as "trashcans" - thanks - I love to laugh out loud!I have heard a pair of ex demos, but there was something wrong with the system - even in this situation they sounded good.I can ... 
ARCAM compared to Krell
I have a DV27 into Meridian 861 / Krell Showcase. I have had the Krell driving much harder loads than my Sonus Fabers (Wilson, B&W, Martin Logans). Whilst at entry level, it is not the most powerful 5 channel amp (125W), at over 30 kilos it do...