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Who does repair work on old Kenwood receivers?
If you send me a pic of the knob I may be able to help you out. 
BAT, ARC or Ayre for my Genesis 500's?
Was this the same Ayre V-3 I bought from you back in 2001? If you stick with Ayre, I would say go with the V-1xe. I upgraded from the V-3 to the V-5x then the V-1xe. They have the newer series but haven't heard them outside of CES.I've heard (and ... 
Do not buy any Sonus Faber used
Lots of conjecture & speculation above.There are a few folks, including myself, who have responded to this thread to indicate we have been able to get parts and/or service with no problems.If there is anybody who can give an example of being r... 
Do not buy any Sonus Faber used
Nonsense. I just bought some replacement drivers last week. No issues, no problems.Did you try & make a purchase or did you just happen to read this today on their website? 
Why aren't the older members still active ?
I got my first feedback in 2000, so must have lurked here for awhile before that. Didn't start posting until April 2001.I used to post more often but it seems like most of the replies I've written lately I just delete, as I don't think it adds any... 
Driving my Kappa 8's
I had a pair of the original Kappa 8's & used the 565 mono blocks. In 8 years I never had a problem, except that when I purchased the amps I got an Adcom pre with them. I don't remember the model # but it didn't last a month. I wound up w/a Lu... 
First foray into separate 2-channel amp, 200wpc
Again, don't get caught up in the watts game. I've had amps that were rated 100 watts & less that were better sonically than bigger pieces. Unfortunately, they are not in your budget, however, they are not out of reach either. My suggestion is... 
First foray into separate 2-channel amp, 200wpc
2nd the B&K. Very good sound for not much $$$That plus an inexpensive passive will come in at or below budget.Also, don't think in terms of watts=better sound quality. Better gear=better sound. 
How does the drum kit sound on your rig?
I do some pro audio & drums on home audio sound like, well, drums on home audio. I've heard some really good systems that do an excellent job but most home audio falls short & some fall way short.The drum kit sounds OK on my system but esp... 
interconnects & powercords on subwoofers???
I can agree with the DH Labs subsonic cable. I used some quality Cardas ends & my sub sounds better. Still using the Carol cable 12/3 I got at Lowes for the PC. 
Preamp Recommendation for Pass Aleph Amp
I had both the remote & non-remote version of these. I liked the remote version a tad bit more but the non-remote is a great piece too.I would say the signature was still on the warm side of neutral but not as much as the Aleph amp. Cords-way ... 
Hammond medical grade power strip mods
I don't have the Hammond, however, I cut off the wall plug to my Brickwall & put on a gold Furutech end. 
Preamp Recommendation for Pass Aleph Amp
My first choice would be Pass Aleph P.Had this combo but w/different Aleph amp.I like the VTL 2.5 & early BAT units too. 
Review: Luminous Audio Axiom Preamplifier
IIRC, they are the same. I look at the difference between active & passive like stepping on the gas or the brake. If you were to connect your source directly to the amp it would play at full volume. With the passive in the way, it is still put... 
Meridian 508.24 Laser availability?
Looks like they have changed the way they do business. I've dealt directly w/them when they were in Atlanta but not since they moved to NY.Maybe try & call them in the UK?