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Review: Ayre Acoustics V-3 Amplifier
I just now saw you made a comment & will follow-up saying that I did move up the line & purchased a V-5x and followed that w/a V-1xe. I decided to downsize my system & the first thing I sold was the V-1xe. Since I remembered how good t... 
The issue of lowballing... What does that mean?
+1 on the anger management.Congratulations on retiring early. Don't waste it being mad at the world. 
Anybody find themselves revisiting old threads?
Oh, now I get it! (I think) re: DopogueI know I've said (written) things that are incorrect & possibly caustic. Definitely over on AA-not so much here.The good thing is I'm not PC & won't ever be. 
The issue of lowballing... What does that mean?
Sounds like you have an open mind about it. I too don't understand why some people say "lowballers will be ignored" or something to that effect, because they might just be testing the waters to see how you'll respond. Oh well... 
BK ST-140 Power Amp
click here 
Decent power strip
2nd the Brickwall 
Selling dispute. Please comment.
Since this fellow has already threatened to dispute, if you can't get an original manual, I would offer the full refund & if he accepts, you'll know he wanted a way to back out. In the long run it'll be easier to resell than deal w/a dispute.I... 
Help me select a new remote preamp on a budget
Well, the two I'd recommend have a remote but you can't select a source. If you can get past that, I would recommend a VTL 2.5 or a BAT 3i. They are right there in your price range & would be hard to beat. I've owned both & wouldn't have a... 
No response from sellers??
You're going to find people who operate all across the board here-some will answer you in minutes & others, well...Taking into consideration that since the "new" audiogon started there have been lots of issues with their technology, then add i... 
Faceplates Silver or Black???????
Black. Can't stand silver. Bought some, tried to like it, got rid of it. Trick to make black gear look really good: wipe down with Windex. No kidding. Got that from a well respected manuf. Oh, silver knobs & switches are fine.Now, when it come... 
What did you get for Christmas?
I got to run sound for my church. I'm guessing around 2k people? It was great but even better was that 87 people took the next step in their faith. 
Isolation pads for the speaker stands
Have you experimented with moving the stands/speakers? Stands from the walls/speaker toe-in? 
Tweaking within the system
I suppose that's possible but I don't think raising the sub affected the change nearly as much as the isolation device itself. Of course I could check that out fairly easily-I just might do that when I rotate some other speakers in the system over... 
Mission 753 Floorstanders?
It is a misconception that gear has to have a "name". If it sounds good to you, then that's all that matters.Enjoy your Mission speakers. 
Who does repair work on old Kenwood receivers?
OK. Send me an email & I'll send you a pic.