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Help power pair of Infinity Kappa 9's please
Hi Jtiesel2,I was serious about using a pro audio amp. I don't know all the specs of all the units out there but I do know of 2k+ watt units that will easily play @ 2 ohms that sell new well under $2k. I've used QSC amps for over 30 yrs, so they m... 
Help power pair of Infinity Kappa 9's please
Hi Timlub-my previous comment was directed towards OP. IMO, he did not appreciate the "experience, suggestions, or words of wisdom", even though they were solicited.Kind of surprising for a first time poster. 
Help power pair of Infinity Kappa 9's please
Although some folks do get on here & brag about their gear, that's not what it's really all about. If that's your goal, I think you're going to be disappointed when you ask for advice, especially when you retort with, "thanks for your discoura... 
Help power pair of Infinity Kappa 9's please
Agree w/the above responses, however, a pair of Adcom 565 mono-blocks might work. I had the Kappa 8's paired w/the 565's & chose the 8's over the 9's based on my dealer's rec. (who is still in business!) so many yrs. ago. What, early to mid 80... 
Audiophiles are older than dirt
I got 13. We had a Nash Rambler. 
how to clean brushed aluminum faceplate?
A well respected manufacturer told me they clean their gear w/Windex. I've been using Windex for 5+ yrs. & never had a problem & the gear always looks better. 
HK t-60 motor mounts loose?
Hi Lynne-I just checked mine & they're tight. There is one big "washer" that sits on top of the motor. I'll send you a pic. Jeff 
bi amp imrpoving?
You can use one amp for bass and one for the highs & can still be passive. You can also use one amp for the left & one for the right. These differences are horizontal vs. vertical bi-amping.Lots of articles around, such as this one 
tube damper help
I use my own recipe. See my thread here 
What song/album best showcases your system?
I play something I recorded direct off the soundboard that has very little if any compression.If that fails to float their boat, I play 4'33" 
Bryston Help
I had the 4B-ST yrs ago & my findings were similar to yours. Don't forget how much the room has to do w/the overall presentation and right behind that the AC. Let's put those things on hold right now though. I also had some Kef Ref 3's, so I d... 
Has anyone run two amps at the same off a VTL 2.5
I have a 2.5 & have it hooked to a stereo amp & a sub. The sub has its own amp & I haven't had any problem. I use both R&L outputs from the pre.Sometimes I run the stereo w/o the sub & the sub is fine. 
what percentage of us really knows sound
The first thing I was going to say was who pissed in your cornflakes this morning but the more I read, I realized you're angry because you bought some crappy speakers & cables.Well, that's what you get when you buy something based on what some... 
Matching preamp for b&k st 202
The simple answer is the one that sounds best to you.What are you looking for in particular? Are you putting together another system, reworking the one you have, trying to fix a problem? 
Looking for CDP/ss amp 3K each
I'm not a fan of metal dome tweeters but one of the best sounding B&W setups I've heard was run with Mac amps. These were a set of the MC501 mono blocks with the huge VU meters. I would think if the house sound is comparable, a different Mac p...