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Fascinated By GR Research Channel
GR Research is over on Audio Circle.  He is one of many audio Industries that have a site on AC.  I spend a lot more time on AC than Agon, WHY?  They is the friendly knowledgeable posters.  His articles are well documented with pictures and he ans... 
Hypnotized Pete the Bondage Freak  
Smart buying buying a preamp with tubes anot avail except as made by preamp manuf?
Is this another troll alert?  
Paypal Changes for 2022
Nonoise, I've got to wonder why no one read your comment about Brainwashed Infowars.  More ado about nothing.  I am not a sovereign citizen, heck, I am not a sovereign bot.  Thank you for post and some truth.  
Kef LS50s - great like me but need to come up for air
Step out of the box, speaker box that is.  Try the Magnepan LRS introductory model.  Don't like it?  Full refund, less shipping.  
Paypal Changes for 2022
My fifth-grade (1959-60) teacher use to proclaim a loaf of bread had 39 taxes hidden in each loaf. Now it is up to 151 hidden taxes in same loaf of bread. My favorite tax saying is from the 1800’s ’Don’ tax me, don’t tax thee, tax the man hiding b... 
Big Below 15k used that can play loud as heck
Back in the 70's, when i was in my 20's, my friends and I used to see who could play loud enough to peel the paint off the wall.  My quest ended when I put pieces of capacitors on the ceiling.  It was very loud-until that moment.  HK ST7 tt, Shure... 
2022 is almost here. Why are you here?
Music, electronics and knowledge.  I am a class D bot with a class A heart, powering Angel Wing bot speakers from a Shangri La bot system.  Bot tired of the bot check.  
Vote for Your Top OP'er One Only Please !
Ralph of Atmasphere, Oregon Papa, Heavy Mechanic, I'm not a robot.  
If you have a CD Player, you need to do this periodically...
For $20 and $3 shipping +tax, I ordered it 2 mins ago. Why not? I used a gift card on amazon last year and there was $9.81 left, bonus. I could be an Ayre bot, it sounds like a fun bot to be. I am not a traffic light bot either.  This is way too m... 
How do you get Happy as an Audiophile?
I play Grieg's Peer Gynt Suite, followed by Steely Dan's Gaucho.  IMHO, happiness is based on perspective.  Call me a happy bot.  
RIP Tommy Obrien - Cherry Amp
I have 4 of his amps.  Tommy had great products and great service/repairs.  I would be a Cherry bot.  
Is Pretty Good Good Enough? Listening Habits In The World Of Streaming Services.
Another Radio Paradise fan. The sheer variety of music they offer is amazing. RP has no genre specific play list, from Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys to Mongolian throat singing. I seldom play vinyl or CDs anymore, just due to the convenience.  ... 
A/C power line polarity on new phono preamp
+1tvadA simple 3 prong plug in device with 3 leds.  The leds indicate the polarity status.  A fast method of determining the polarity of a wall plug.  Had a Sears, now use a Harbor Freight brand.  It is called a outlet circuit tester model GFCI. 
What are ways to fix speaker dips in my speaker or audio room
Help me out Shawarma.   Room dimensions will help.  Equipment and brands.  Windows, bare walls, tile or hardwood floors, sheetrock, rugs, drapes?   Can you hear or perceive the difference between speakers?