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The most hilarious ad ever on Audiogon?
Ryder- I would say they got $6 worth of rant. 
The most hilarious ad ever on Audiogon?
I believe my Atma-sphere amps generate more heat. 
The Cyclicality of Black Vs Silver
Black never goes out of style and always matches. 
how long can you leave a CDP on 'pause'?
My CDP has an indefinite pause. It happens everytime I hit the stop button. Seriously, it is easy enough to scroll through a CD and get to any place you want quickly that lengthy pausing (more that a minute or two) is silly. 
Which speakers mate with McCormack Dna 1
Von Schweikert 
Best Remakes Of All Time
James Taylor covering Wichata Lineman 
Best Remakes Of All Time
Devo covering 'Satisfaction' 
How do you judge your system's neutrality?
By it's unwillingness to be pulled into conflict while still holding a morally superior position. Alternately, by comparison to other systems using the same source material. 
Are there any albums you consider perfect?
For me it is "The Captain and me" and"What were once vices are now habits" by the Doobie Brothers that are two nearly perfect albums back to back that show a band at its writing and performing peak. 
Budget integrated ideas: budget $650
Second for the Rega suggestion - very good amp for the price. 
Anyone have comments on radical toe in?
I use a 90 degree toe-in and put my chair between the speakers. Speaker spacing is my real issue. 
Music and politics
Money is in right wing politics. Listen to your AM radio.Artists have less political impact than Right leaning radio hosts. Artist seem to be less astute politically and cause driven looking through a microscope rather than a fisheye lens. I also ... 
Von Schweikert VR 3
Close your spacing between the speakers up to 7-8 feet ane reduce the toe in. The large distance between them is likely leaving a hole in the middle of the soundstage. You are compensating for this with the extreme toe in. 
What is closest to my beloved Cal Audio CL 15?
I own a CAL CL-15 and a Meridian 508.24 in separate systems. The Meridian has educated me that the CAL is forward and has some "edge" in its delivery of music. Originally, I thought it was detail but the Meridian is more detailed and smoother. Tha... 
Jax2 clearly said "not likely" and "soon". Neither of these are absolutes that definitively condemn either product. Jax2 is entitled to his opinion the same as the 1000 audiogon customers that are cited.