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Questions about Ethernet Cabling
@arafiq I ended up with the new Signature Rendu SE and put through a Matrix SPDIF 2 to my Directstream DAC via I2S.  I absolutly love it.  I was going to do the T2 Lumin but then a deal fell in my lap for $2250 for this with the optical coverter a... 
Questions about Ethernet Cabling
I went the route of using Sonore Opticla Rendu for the last leg. Keep the internet noise out of the Audio cabinet   
For SACD fans only
I have an oppo 203 but bought a $42 Sony and ripped all my SACD and all other formats to my NAS. I use Roon (you can use other pc programs like jriver) to send to my Sonore Signature SE which uses optical to disconnect the computer network from my... 
How to get into high end digital? (Feeding a DAC)
OP glad to see you are setting in on something amongst all these what I will call various responses.  Sign up for Roon after you rip and get the AVR setup.  If you are going to be using the coax or optical out will really limit your range on an ex... 
How to get into high end digital? (Feeding a DAC)
Go for Roon.  Use one of Sonore Optical solutions and all your noise worries are gone. Get a USB capable DAC. Most are now. Feed that from just about any digital library. No discs needed. Rip them all to even just a usb hard frisbee attached to th... 
Stereo Preamp suggestion
I have to agree with last two posters. The Parasound P6 is just want you want to integrate 2.1 with 5.x from AVR. I had the P5 and now P7. The subwoofer can work with both.  I use Roon and DSP for 2.1 and anthem avm60 arc for theater. Best of both.  
Which component to upgrade to improve bass control?
Room treatment will do more than any upgrade to component. That and EQ if possible to do final touches.  
Stereophiles 2021 Recommended Components is now on line.
I have always wondered which was first, the high rating or the full page ad.  I feel there are many components on that list that are not advertising in the magazine.  But there are many that are.  I guess its still down to Trust but verify.  Just ... 
Lumin T2 or Schitt Yggdrasil as dac
Stirring this up again. I am looking between these two. The Yagi will need a good streamer too lumin U1 but why not just get the T2?  What are people’s thoughts?   
Streamer vs. new mac mini for 2 channel system
Computer=noise.  Streamer all the way. Plus no upkeep with patches and versions.  
Parasound Preamp
I have owned the P5 and moved to the P7 for the 5.1 pass through. The 7 I thought sounds better than the 5.  Never heard the 6. The unit is a Swiss Army knife as far as features go. I love that I can use the sub with me setting for music and anoth... 
CD Quality Versus Streaming Quality
New to this argument and i know it can be done losses so what are people talking about when they refer to the “version” of the title that streaming services use vs the red book cd?   Yes it’s compressed but if it’s lossless what does that matter? ... 
Sopra 2 Bass
I have Sopra 2 and for the size they do indeed don’t go as low as you would think they could. I have 200hz suck as well as a dip in 80, as well as 40. Very common. I did as someone else’s suggested.  I use Roon and it’s DSP and merged in my sub. U... 
Why has focal raised their prices so much on Sopra line
That’s why I bought a used pair for 10,500 in a discontinued finish African Zebrawood  
BEWARE OF FRAUD with this member
Did you use PayPal to get the shipping label and pay through them?  I always do that. PayPal creates so they know what address you shipped to.