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Unison Research Unico vs. Pathos Clasic MKII
I listened to both paired to Omega speakers. While not a serious comparison, I liked the Pathos. 
Room Treatment experiment
Yiasou Yiorgo! 
Do Audiophiles blow speakers?
OK, my turn- Over the holidays I had friends and family over, all respectable people. I even managed to avoid my wifes friend, the one with the two evil boys. Evil 6 year olds break things.I ran upstairs, came down to no music. My obviously mental... 
Products for raising cables off the floor.
Personally, I like the risers available from Signal Cable (look under the specialty items) and for a few reasons. One, they look pretty good (they seem to blend in with any decor, being clear.) Two, they are cheap. Third and most importantly they ... 
How trustworhty is Used Cables?
No, not at all. Come to think of it, I should of checked the archives first. 
How trustworhty is Used Cables?
Archives. Now why did I not think of that? 
Animal damage to system
Oh, did I forget to mention? A hunter friend of mine tells me that it is possible to buy large animal urine (coyote/wolf) from some hunting stores, although I'm not sure if it's synthetic or real. Apparently a drop here and there will keep away al... 
Animal damage to system
Ah, the cat. My wife/daughter have a cat so ambitiously named, "Kitty." This cat has not seen the inside of my living room (nor my bedroom for that matter)since the day it was miserably introduced into my life. I would go into cardiac arrest if I... 
A trick with Scotch Whisky
I read somewhere that Scotland has more money invested in Scotch that is maturing in barrels than it does in gold reserves. 
Can I use Headphones AND a Subwoofer? reminds me of those subs that you can place in or under your couch for ht applications. Check out the above link. 
A trick with Scotch Whisky
Jlambrick -never heard of that one, must try it as I just dont like the stuff and feel guilty for it, as I like all other alchohol. Currently I am in to a bottle of Greenall's Dry Gin. I really, really, really like gin. Neat or with just a splash... 
what' your favorite movie to show off your sys. w/
The pod race in Star Wars, The Phantom Menace.LOTR especially Return of the King.Believe it or not, The Polar Express -awesome bass from that train and great transientsAnd, just watched War of the Worlds. Again great show-off HT movie. 
Where does your user name come from?
It's my given greek name. No real english translation but Frank is closest. In greek Fotis means 'light' or 'bearer of light' (fos) if you will. 
DVD locked inside my Sony DVP-NS975V HELP
I have had this happen in the past, removing the top of the unit (although different model to yours) was simple. It took no more than 5 minutes to repair. Both times this happened, the culprit wound up being that silver ring/decal you often find c... 
Audio cables or Audio gear from N Z or Australia
Isn't Halcro Australian?