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Music for the Pacific Audiofest show
Good,old fashioned classic rock recorded live,Mozart Wind Concerto's,Live recorded Delta & Chicago Blues,Bob Marley-Jimmy Cliff & Peter Tosh should do it for me!  
Asking for help choosing my headphones
If I could suggest try You will find reviews of EVERY IEM(in ear monitor)you can imagine.Good luck.  
***HUM***BUZZ***CRACKLE***POPPPP= Dead Amp...Where To Service???
🤔,whats a turntable?  Bought the Sugden based on rep for long life,guess that doesn't apply to what they themselves called the finest amp the ever made when it came out. hgeifman:good call,thanks.  
***HUM***BUZZ***CRACKLE***POPPPP= Dead Amp...Where To Service???
Appreciate it,thanks.  
The best you can do here is IMO to read all the individual reviews on each & compare that way...  
Replacement for current speakers suggestions
"I like a warm sound that recreates music in great detail without sounding clinical"..  Not how I would describe any Monitor Audio I've ever heard(RS & RX series),never impressed with the Wharfedale's I owned(Pacific)or demo'd & Maggies sh... 
LP's on sale for Back Friday
While your at it don't forget the Rice Crispies!  
???Can Anyone Comment on Current Production Odeon Audio Speakers???
Doesn't look like we are going to get any updated info here.Amazes me how many manufacturers of supposed hi end gear have ZERO representation on major audio sites.. 
I want to get a processor...Where do I connect the surrounds
The Marantz sr7013 has 9 channels of amplification & is a complete 9.2 channel surround processor.First I would ask why add an external surround processor to this?IF you must use separates you will need an external amplifier as well,the Marant... 
Shipping from UK to US
Standard customs form,provided by shipping carrier & filled out by seller/shipper will contain all information needed.As the purchase was under $800.00 there is no import tax. 
A Record Collection/Moral Conundrum - What Would You Do?
"Basically I never heard from him again. Heard he sold his house, but that was it. Other friends have been in occasional contact. I’d been hoping that with his records here maybe he’d show up one day. Of course years later!...I n... 
Need Impressions of SoundKaos Vox
Only saw the same so called pro reviews,nothing from anyone with ears on experience & didn't think to contact the maker. I'll also keep an eye out for more info on these but honestly I doubt I can do better than the Lumina without moving past ... 
Help! need informed opinion
Man I was thinking,with the room you described I might look at the Wharfedale Linton 85th.Anniversary 3 way with dedicated stands..They are voiced very organic & rich & IMO would thrive in that type of room.Oh you'll save a ton of $ as wel... 
Need Impressions of SoundKaos Vox
I recently posted this EXACT question & got 1 reply from someone who never heard them but didn't like the No Return [policy of the only seller I could find.. There are a few reviews found via Google,all very positive BUT also all stating a bit... 
HiFi vs MidFi
MidFi is a derogatory term used by those with so called golden ears & deep pockets who refuse to admit that the performance gap between overpriced gear & affordable gear is almost non existent these days & that the law of diminishing r...