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Recommendation Tube Integrated
Save your $ & get a Cayin CS-55A...Made by the folks WHO MAKE Prima Luna...  With this amp you can EASILY switch between EL34 & KT88!!!EASY to bias,compact,BEAUTIFUL build quality & superb sound REGARDLESS of price(under $2k)...  
Integrated for Martin Login Motion 60’s?
hahahahahaha,I’m in the same boat as your back,it’s 31 we should be good a few more years... Power output really depends on listening habits & actually plenty for my taste & loudness level,heavy /death metal & co... 
Integrated for Martin Login Motion 60’s?
Seasons greetings..First off you will absolutely notice a difference with an amp upgrade...You’ll need something with a smooth,warmish sound for those speakers & a bit more than 25wpc... IMO Simaudio has lost some of it’s magic since the i5..H... 
!!!911!!!Emergency!!!HELP If You Can PLEASE!!!
Just to close this out,when the folks in Italy were ask by the UpScale tech about this they replied "whats a Chromebook"...USB on these are designed to run off PC or MAC drivers..Chrome OS not recognized by the Pathos,never should have worked at a... 
The dangerous world of Reel-to-Reel Tape
I have wanted a RtR since I was a kid,doing same as you with my grandfathers system..Now at 63 y/o & a back that’s pretty much a meat grinder I’m thankful for 1 box streaming solutions & world class mini monitors hahahaha..  
!!!911!!!Emergency!!!HELP If You Can PLEASE!!!
Update:As soon as I finished posting the above I plugged an optical cable into my smart tv & ran to optical in on the Pathos,works fine,no drop outs,no disconnects..WTF???Thanks much.. PS:Supposedly Chromebook doesn't use drivers,only Mac &... 
Best sounding headphones you have owned?
I was a soldier all my life & now retired so I've never had deep pockets for audio gear & being a firm believer in trickle down tech I have always looked to the manufacture's for the best value in their product lines.After extensive demos ... 
***Seasons Greetings A'goners***Are You Getting Any New Gear For Christmas***
^^^ awesome,congrats..  
Bookshelf Speakers for office ~$500
Elac,Wharfedale Diamond series,Dali Spektor One all fall well under your max budget & offer decent sound for the $...  
What news in 2023 struck you?
For myself no doubt about it,the Musical Fidelity A1 reissue,a true piece of audio esoterica that I can actually afford!  
Recessed Electrical Receptacles
Sorry but I’m confused..Are talking the rough in boxes you stuff all the wires & recep into or are we talking the distance between each receptacle plug being too close together??? If it’s the plug spacing of the 2 sockets per receptacle, that ... 
???Modern Speakers???Life Expectancy???
I appreciate the replies folks...  
what should I get to replace what I am planning to try
EASY fix,turn the system around so it faces INTO the kitchen,thus reversing the sound stage to project into the listening area.  
Many Questions Need Help
Hey friend,RUN,don't walk,well let your fingers do the walking over to iFi..Scroll down & find "Retro Stereo 50"..Buy it before someone else does!  
Go ahead, hang blankets on the side walls. You’ll be amazed.
hahahahahaha,I've always had a limited budget for a/v systems so discovered years ago the HUGE difference heavy weight moving blankets made hung across the back wall & side walls about 1/2 way to the listening position(live end ,dead end)..