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SRA or VTA After Cartridge Breakin
Millercarbon, that is a brilliant description. I am going to go play with VTA adjustments right now!  
Proximity Hum And How To Eliminate It
I finally got rid of the last vestiges of a very faint hum by….moving the cables from phonostage to preamp around. I can’t believe it made this much difference, but the proof is in the pudding. Now I am terrified to move anything for fear of losin... 
What causes Pops?
@erik_squires  It’s like we play in the same orchestra!    
Question on Denon DL-103 retipping options and preferences
I recently traded for a 103, and have been enjoying how it makes my records sound like late night radio listening as a kid, in the 70s and 80s. But really, it is much inferior to the next model in the Denon line up, the 301 mkII. Unless you also w... 
Article: "Spin Me Round: Why Vinyl is Better Than Digital"
I've been trying to figure out why I can listen to LPs all day long, but rarely listen to digital music for more than an album or two, for a few years now. Granted, I am fascinated by everything turntable and everything vinyl. How these crazy pla... 
The most erotic passages in classical music
Mos' def the most erotic piece of classical music is Le Sacre du Printemps. And here is the sexiest choreography - a shame Igor did not live to enjoy it. ;)      
Phono preamp tube rolling.
No significant sound differences rolling tubes in a clone of the EAR 834 phono preamp.Tubes used: Bogen/Mullard, a Mullard ECC81 (in V3? The buffer stage, I believe), JJ, Brimar, Electrohome.The 3 tubes in this preamp do not have to be matched. 
Everybody’s Top 5 - Vinyl
1. Stravinsky conducts Rite of Spring (Columbia)2. The Kinks are the Village Green Preservation Society3. Beatles Revolver4. Bartok Music for Strings, Percussion, and Celesta/Concerto for Two Pianos and Percussion, Bernstein, New York Philharmonic... 
Who remembers audio from the time when ...
I remember when I was about 5, my Japanese uncle sent me a 45 of the theme song from Ultraman. My father was delighted that I was mesmerized by the proto anime space hero, as my mother was white American and I didn't have much exposure to the old ... 
is using a tube amp every day bad?
Not if yo turn it up to 11! 
Why Do So Many Audiophiles Reject Blind Testing Of Audio Components?
This makes one wonder how various aural skills might affect the study in the OP.In particular, I wonder how rigorous conservatory ear training might affect results (when you have to have aural memory foundations, like harmonic pitch intervals, and... 
Denon DL300, 304
I am enjoying a DL-300 on an RB300 arm. It is an excellent match. A very well-balanced cartridge, from lows to highs. Pretty good tracker. For $50 USD I am quite pleased. This is one of the last sleeper bargains in LOMC cartridges. 
need new classical vinyl/LP
I haven't looked at new classical vinyl since before Covid. Looks like slim pickings out there!Anyone know where to get a good new pressing of the following:- Stravinsky Conducts Rite of Spring, Columbia Symphony, Columbia records, 1960- Bernstein... 
"Before you go full keyboard warrior..." LOL! 
What phono preamp are you using?
I was using a Benz PP1, but I recently traded some unused speakers for a Chinese clone of the EAR 834 phono preamp (MM only), and have fallen in love with the thing. So now I am back to MMs (albeit, 2mV lowish outputs) for the first time in years....