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High power handling speakers
Any used paradigm studio or signatures will do. Factor the AMP expense when considering speakers to play loud and clean. Consider 92 dB or higher @ 8 Ohm stable speakers.15x30 is not a big room btw!!.  
April 2017 review of the Paradigm Persona 9H A home run for Paradigm!
Pound to pound Paradigm Persona 9H will be similar to Legacy Aeris at 50% of the price. Both are serious about room correction but you also get a DAC and preamp for free, again at little more than 50% of price. Aeris has both a 4" Tweeter with 1" ... 
Luxman m-900u owners - quick question
@garebear did you ever hear about Coda 15.5?. Class A up-to 100 Watts into 8 Ohms and then Class AB till 150 Watts into 8 Ohm, less than 50% retail compared to Luxman M-900u btw. If you want to compare options and want first watts to be pure Class A. 
Paradigm Persona series
At this price range and since you value dsp correction you have to check out Legacy Focus XD and Legacy Aeris with Wavelet. They check all your boxes , active amplification, correction across the audio band with tailored parameters for your speake... 
Rega p6 RB330 how to get XLR output
@hdm Thanks for the link, this is very helpful. 
Legacy Aeris and amplification.
@zephyr24069 interesting way to go full range. Going to use wavelet for the system ?. I did hear the Caliber XD at RMAF. 
Rega p6 RB330 how to get XLR output
Using RCA to XLR does not help?. Does it ?. 
Benchmark AHB2 power amp impressions?
@tobes thanks I am considering Benchmark AHB2. How does it compare to latest Class D offerings like Legacy Powerbloc , ATI AT523NC , Nord , Apollon and Hattor etc?. Did you ever get a chance to compare with Class D amps?. 
Review of Legacy Focus XD
@brownsugar_ny Thanks will post my impressions on here. 
How to meaningfully audition speakers??
@bifwynne My first pair of speakers are what I purchased sight unseen and unheard! after intense googling and reviewing and (reading at that time)!. Paradigm studio 40v3s used on the cheap, all 5 of them a decade ago. Over the last decade I did ke... 
Legacy Aeris owners which amp do you use and why?
@snoopy72 Wonderful. I should have taken previous advice from others on just starting with a good integrated. Glad you are enjoying Focus SE with Luxman. I am going to see through the Class D vs Class A/B vs SET thing after all. 
Speaker Recommendation: 20K range
@zephyr24069 something special from Legacy Audio. You peaked my interest :). Care to share?. 
Hypex N core module
@zephyr24069 I literally have to decide between Legacy Powerbloc4 / ATI AT523NC / Benchmark AHB2 / Coda 15.5. ICE vs Hypex vs Class ABH vs Class AB(high bias class A). Price is all over the place too. So hard to compare.Reviewers has a good impres... 
Line Magnetic quality
@shkong78 which input tubes did you get for LM 508ia that improved the sound?. 
SET v. Pushpull
@wolf_garcia Which SS amp did you try comparing with your SET amp?.